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The Evolution Of Good Charlotte

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 27 March 2019 at 15.05

Over their illustrious and eccentric 22 year history, Good Charlotte have taken on many different styles and sounds. In celebration of their album 'Good Morning Revival' turning 12 today, we thought it was only right to look back over every album the band has released.

The place where it all began 18 long years ago. Overflowing with as much rampant punk energy as snotty east coast attitude, the band's debut album is a real mish mash of sounds, styles, ideas and influences that somehow intertwine effortlessly. One minute channelling the Beastie Boys with slick impassioned raps before thwacking the guitars like Rancid the next, the Maddens put their stamp on the new millenium with a collection of songs that sounded unlike anything else anyone was really attempting. Though perhaps a little bit immature and scattered at points, 'Good Charlotte' represents a band full of life and ready to take on anything that is thrown their way. 

Building on the style that they had forged on the debut but making it even more palletable for a mainstream audience, this is the moment that the band broke through in the biggest way possible. Leaving no stone unturned when it came to commenting on the state of the upper classes, family relationships, gender battles and ultimately overcoming internal demons, the band used their platform to devesating effect while also penning the sort of melodies that would be stuck in your head for days on end. The likes of 'The Anthem' and 'Girls & Boys' are now cemented into musical history and still sound as refreshing and relevant today as they have ever been.

And along came the rebellion. Not content with being told what to do and what they should sound like, Good Charlotte turned the tables on everything they had done previously and penned an album detailing mortality. Much darker in sound, attitude and style, 'The Chronicles Of Life & Death' came as a brilliant shock to all. From the downtrodden 'Predictable' to the sass filled 'I Just Wanna Live', the band flipped the table on everything that their fans once knew and came out the other end smelling of black roses. 

Swapping their sweeping fringes for knuckledusters and grills, the band took a swing at modern pop with their fourth album. In many ways harking back to their early years yet still fitting in with the sound that had hit the mainstream in '07, the devilish 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' and 'Dance Floor Anthem' take all the elements that had made the band a success previously and rammed the ante up to 11. Though that's not to say there wasn't plenty of big arena rock in there too with 'The River' firing on all cylinders. 

After the experimentation and electronica of 'Good Morning Revival', 'Cardiology' took things back to the rockier waters. Channelling more of the fun and frolics that were found on 'The Young And The Hopeless', 'Silver Screen Romance' and 'Let The Music Play' toyed with different sorts of passion that effect the heart, while '1979' showed off the bands emotional tendancies in the most vulnerable of ways. Though this would be the last release from the band before their hiatus, it is also demonstrates them in their most pure and simple form. 

How bout this for a comeback? Good Charlotte's first album in 6 years hit like a boot to the temple. Utlising the talents of John Feldmann, the band developed the pop-punk sound they had become famous for in the last decade into something that would capture the imaginations of a new generation of listeners in the same way. The result was a set of songs filled to the brim with nostalgic lyrics and big bold riffs, all tied together neatly with that classic GC attitude. 

And here we are in the present day. Now once again a consistent member of the scene, the band are using their voice today to tackle the big issues that plague so many. Delving deep into the stigmas of depression, anxiety and the hardships that are facing so many people across America all to a dark and mysterious soundtrack, the band's sound these days feels like a combination of 'Good Morning Revival' and 'The Chronicles Of Life And Death' and more than anything unlike anyone else. Once again Good Charlotte have managed to reinvent themselves and stay just as relevant as the day they first picked up their instruments. 


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