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The Essential Pop-Punk Playlist Part 3: Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, The Offspring + More!

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 28 August 2014 at 12.32

Issue 191 of Rock Sound is pretty much a pop-punk special, and inside, we give our run-down of the genre's 51 most essential albums. Inspired by the feature, we're compiling a bunch of playlists for your aural pleasure. Missed part 1? Catch up here! Part 2? Right here!

 THE BAND: Blink-182
 THE SONG: 'The Rock Show'
 FIND IT: 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket' (MCA, '01)
 BEST BIT: It's all pretty brilliant, isn't it? Come on - who wouldn't want to throw thousands of dollars off the roof of a building JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN?

 THE BAND: The Starting Line
 THE SONG: 'The Best Of Me'
 FIND IT: 'Say It Like You Mean It' (Drive-Thru, '02)
 BEST BIT: When our lead character realises that wooing a girl with a boombox just won't do, and opts to bring the brand out onto the front lawn of his love interest instead. That's romance, folks. 

 THE SONG: 'Dinosaurs Will Die'
 FIND IT: 'Pump Up The Valuum' (Epitaph, '00)
 BEST BIT: The fact that there isn't even a proper video for the track. NOFX are way too punk for YouTube.

 THE BAND: Paramore
 THE SONG: 'Misery Business'
 FIND IT: 'Riot!' (Fueled By Ramen, '07)
 BEST BIT: At 2:53, when the band confront the bitchy high school prom queen, and shut her down with a whole bag of sass. 

 THE BAND: Brand New
 THE SONG: 'Jude Law And A Semester Abroad'
 FIND IT: 'Your Favourite Weapon' (Triple Crown, '01)
 BEST BIT: Remembering that there was a time when we could get away with calling Brand New a pop-punk band... however tenuously.

 THE BAND: The Offspring
 THE SONG: 'Want You Bad'
 FIND IT: 'Conspiracy Of One' (Columbia, '00)
 BEST BIT: Around about 1.45 when the band's bass drum explodes and the whole video ends up as one, big, foamy mess. 

 THE BAND: Fall Out Boy
 THE SONG: 'Sugar, We're Going Down'
 FIND IT: 'From Under The Cork Tree' (Island, '05)
 BEST BIT: Patrick Stump's 2005 sideburns. Nothing else compares.

 THE BAND: Blink-182
 THE SONG: 'Dammit' 
 FIND IT: 'Dude Ranch' (MCA / Cargo, '97)
 BEST BIT: Mark and Tom's late-'90s sportswear (oh, the '90s). Also, remembering what Travis Barker looked like before he tattooed himself from head to toe. Not all that different, as it happens. 

 THE BAND: Ramones
 THE SONG: 'Blitzkrieg Bop'
 FIND IT: 'Ramones' (Sire, '76)
 BEST BIT: Well it's pretty much the song that inspired three-chord punk rock as an actual thing. And the "ey-oh"s, obvs.

 THE BAND: We Are The In Crowd
 THE SONG: 'Kiss Me Again'
 FIND IT: 'Best Intentions' (Hopeless, '11)
 BEST BIT: It's a WATIC track with yer man Gaskarth on guest vocals. Every bit is the best bit.

All of this lot feature in our 51 Most Essential Pop-Punk Albums Of All Time list. Grab the new issue to find out where they placed. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or pick it up from UK / Irish stores now!

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