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The Essential Pop-Punk Playlist Part 2: Sum 41, The Offspring, The Wonder Years + More!

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 26 August 2014 at 16.56

Issue 191 of Rock Sound is pretty much a pop-punk special, and inside, we give our run-down of the genre's 51 most essential albums. Inspired by the feature, we're compiling a bunch of playlists for your aural pleasure. Missed part 1? Catch up here!

 THE BAND: Fireworks
 THE SONG: 'Arrows'
 FIND IT: 'Gospel' (Triple Crown, '11)
 BEST BIT: Being left wondering whether we're all just pinata people and if this is real life at all.

 THE BAND: Bowling For Soup
 THE SONG: 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want'
 FIND IT: 'Drunk Enough To Dance' (Jive, '02)
 BEST BIT: Jaret Reddick's impression of Staind's Aaron Lewis. Twelve years on, it's still funny. Sorry Aaron :( 

 THE SONG: 'Threesome'
 FIND IT: 'Lechuza' (Drive-Thru / MCA, '01)
 BEST BIT: At 0:39, where the drums and everything kick in and the song reeeeeall steps into gear. KAKA DUH DUH.

 THE BAND: Hit The Lights
 THE SONG: 'Body Bag'
 FIND IT: 'This Is A Stick Up...Don't Make It A Murder' (Triple Crown, '06)
 BEST BIT: The fact they managed to film a video in the desert way before every other schmuck started doing it. And it didn't look like too much of a cliche, either.

 THE BAND: The Ataris
 THE SONG: 'In This Diary'
 FIND IT: 'So Long Astoria' (Columbia, '03)
 BEST BIT: Watching the video, hearing the track and remembering when The Ataris were something very, very special. Can we just go back? Please, Kris?

 THE BAND: Neck Deep
 THE SONG: 'Growing Pains'
 FIND IT: 'Wishful Thinking' (Hopeless, '14)
 BEST BIT: The haircuts. Soooooo '90s.

 THE BAND: The Wonder Years
 THE SONG: 'Melrose Diner'
 FIND IT: 'The Upsides' (No Sleep / Hopeless, '10)
 BEST BIT: It's a five-minute mini-flick based entirely around the underdog winning the wrestling match and getting the girl. And THAT'S what pop-punk is all about. Mostly. That and pizza.

 THE BAND: Sum 41
 THE SONG: 'Still Waiting' 
 FIND IT: 'Does This Look Infected' (Island, '02)
 BEST BIT: Right at the end, when Deryck and friends decide to smash up the entire talk-show set and rebel against 'The Sums' identity they have forced upon them. At the time, this spoke volumes about the trends and fads in alternative music.

 THE BAND: The Offspring
 THE SONG: 'The Kids Aren't Alright'
 FIND IT: 'Americana' (Columbia, '98)
 BEST BIT: It's not even the fact that back in '98, the video was way ahead of its time. No, the best part about 'The Kids Aren't Alright' is the message it carries within - deadbeat towns breed deadbeat kids, and that's not their fault.

 THE BAND: The Story So Far
 THE SONG: 'Roam'
 FIND IT: 'Under Soil And Dirt' (Pure Noise, '11)
 BEST BIT: At 2:21 when that final outro kicks in. Try and not sing along. Go on. We dares ya.

All of this lot feature in our 51 Most Essential Pop-Punk Albums Of All Time list. Grab the new issue to find out where they placed. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or pick it up from UK / Irish stores now!

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