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8 Of The Best Reactions To Bands Ever

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 4 January 2018 at 11.26

Featuring Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and loads more. 

If you've spent much time on YouTube in recent years (oh hi, literally everyone), you might have come across those ...reacts videos.

They show young people, older people, students - all kinds of people, really - reacting to music videos. It's simple, but the results are often hilarious.

Here are some of our favourite reactions ever...

"My inner emo is coming out..."

In an episode where Teens React to Panic! At The Disco, this guy pretty much lives the whole of 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies'. Hey, go big or go home.

"This song hits me in the feels"

Us listening to My Chemical Romance's 'Welcome To The Black Parade'. Every time. 

"Oh my gosh, she has llama parents!"

Fall Out Boy's 'Young And Menace' video raises so many questions. So many.

"I would throw a little more trash in there"

This one's a little different... as it's Twenty One Pilots reacting to Teens Reacting to... themselves. This is in response to someone describing their genre...

"Ready to diiiiiiiiiiiiie"

It's fair to say that this older gent was pretty into Bring Me The Horizon's 'Shadow Moses'.

"They're not like Lil Yachty you know."

True words about Green Day, there.

"What the heck?"

Heavy music can seem very weird at first - as Kids React To Avenged Sevenfold reminded us.

"I can hear a father and mother saying, 'Is this my child?'"

And finally, this guy: not a fan of Slipknot's early stuff.

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