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The 9 New Bands You Need In Your Life Right Now

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 16 September 2014 at 14.19

The Exposure section of RS192 is packed full of new bands, just waiting for your ears. This month, we say hello to Electric Century, American Fangs, Rob Lynch and more. 

FROM: New Jersey / Los Angeles, USA.
RELEASE: An EP is on the horizon.
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Our Exposure section breaks some of the best new musicians around, but some need no introduction. Side-by-side with brother Gerard, Mikey Way and My Chemical Romance conquered venues around the globe for much of this century. How, then, to follow hundreds of shows, platinum records and the pressure of a new project? Well, Mikey has rewound the clock to the birth of the mellenium and accept an offer from David Debiak to make music. This long-distance labour of love is shaping up nicely, we reckon.

FROM: Houston, USA
RELEASE: 'American Fangs' (album, In De Goot. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Brought together through chance meetings at shows and touring with their old bands, American Fangs prove the old saying that everything's bigger in Texas. Huge personalities and a sense of fun dominate. "We vowed never to write love songs," reveals vocalist Gabriel Cavazos. "We're just here to make fun of culture, make fun of everything, and throw a middle finger up at the world." An excellent philosophy, lads.

FROM: Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK
RELEASE: 'All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul' (album, Xtra Mile. Out September 22)
WHY WE LIKE HIM: They say Warped Tour can give you the highest highs before the miles take their toll and you're left in the midst of an existential crisis in 100°F heat. It's safe to say that travelling troubadour Rob Lynch has experienced both ends of the pendulum swing on his stint on America's summer circus. For songs about love, life and death, pick up his debut album later this month.

FROM: Southampton, UK
RELEASE: 'Creeper' (EP, self-release. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: These south coast boys don't know the meaning of subtlety. Featuring two ex-members of sorely missed punks Our Time Down Here, they've dropped their debut EP in a haze of dramatic ideas and good ol' driving riffs. Need more convincing? Their first ever show, at the Joiners in their hometown, sold out. All aboard the hype train, it's ready to depart. Destination: Big Things.


FROM: Ontario, Canada
RELEASE: 'High Noon' (album, Dine Alone. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: When was the last time you came across a band that played a whole set stuffed full of Motown covers just because they could? Hamilton's Arkells have been known to do just that, and their original songs ain't bad either. With a Brian Fallon-esque delivery, frontman Max Kerman sings an ode to carefree spontaneity: "Beating the drum all night, dancing naked round a fire / Leaving trouble behind, swimming in the water..." These guys should be over in the UK by the end of the year.


FROM: London, UK
RELEASE: 'The Big Smoke And Mirrors' (album, Transcend. Out later this year)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: They come armed with a member who's played with The Prodigy and a clever album title. Finding the music scene in their respective small towns amounting to sweet fuck all, guitarist The Rev and lead singer Blacky moved to London, channelling their inner Dick Whittington in search of the musical 
dream. Time will tell whether the streets yield results, but things certainly look promising based on the below video. See? You could do worse than check these high-energy rockers at a show...

7. K. FLAY
FROM: Illinois, USA
RELEASE: 'Life As A Dog' (album, Bummer Picnic. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE HER: Something completely different genre-wise to anything on this page, yet she's still a Warped veteran. Stepping outside the box seems par for the course for K. Flay, as her time at the festival proves. Open-minded attendees certainly seemed impressed: "I didn't know what to expect," the lady herself reports, "but it felt like Warped kids were open to all kinds of music." On her current album, she reveals that "I'm hoping [it] is kind of a slow burn ... the greatest win for me would be an organic growth." We're happy to help spread the word!

FROM: Derbyshire, UK
RELEASE: 'The Love / The Lust' (album, Small Town. Out September 15)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: There's something nice about seeing a band finally find their feet after a revolving door of line-up changes. Time to put the instability behind them and crack on with post-hardcore domination. The new album ensures the band wear their hearts on their collective sleeves, but not to the extent that "you can't really relate to them" according to vocalist Jordan Samuel. "I want people to be able to take something from it and not just listen to it."


FROM: Orange County, California, USA
RELEASE: 'Feeding Fiction' (album, Roadrunner. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: They aren't afraid to delve deep into the really hard shit: sadness, anger, depression, suicide. Quite an about turn from their love-themed EP, 'Nothing You Didn't Deserve', and with it has come a change of sound. Gone are the breakdowns, and in comes a more streamlined, mature record mixed by David Bendeth. Keep these guys on your radar. That's an order.

To get the full story of each band here, grab a copy of the new issue of Rock Sound or download it right now. And tell your friends if you find something you like! 

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