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The 13 Most Epic Music Videos Of All Time

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 3 July 2018 at 14.12

Some of these fit more in the category of short film, they're so epic.

There are some truly epic music videos out there. We went through and rounded them all up in to a neat and tidy list, just for you. Presenting, the 13 most epic music videos ever:


13. 'Rollin' - Limp Bizkit

It literally features Ben Stiller. Epic. 

12. 'The Youngblood Chronicles' - Fall Out Boy

While not technically a music video, Fall Out Boy's 'The Youngblood Chronicles' gets a shout based solely on being feature film-length, and with a genuine narrative construction across the 11 songs from 'Save Rock And Roll'.

11. 'Mr. Doctor Man' - Palaye Royale

If you have to recruit an entire team of extras and put them in period costumes? Epic. 

10. 'Outsiders' - Against The Current

Much like 'The Hunger Games', except more epic and the music is FAR better.

09. 'Giants' - Lights

Part of Lights' 'Skin & Earth' album, 'Giants' forms an important part of the narrative, which is further explored in the accompanying comic book by the same name. It's nothing short of epic.

Lights is also one of the most fearless figures in our world! She'd on the cover of the Rock Sound 50 now- you can pick up your copy from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV.

08. 'Through Sin + Self Destruction' - Asking Alexandria

A bit NSFW (ok, VERY NSFW), this is technically a short film and not a music video. It's a trilogy of videos to the Asking Alexandria songs ‘Reckless & Relentless,’ ‘To The Stage,’ and ‘Dear Insanity', and it's entirely epic. 

07. 'In The End' - Black Veil Brides

The sweeping desert, the rallying call to arms- it just screams of something you want to be a part of. 

06. 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' - Green Day

This video is a whole entire emotional rollercoaster. It's big budget, and big on narrative. Basically, it's epic.

05. 'Hero Of War' - Rise Against

This ballad and the story that it tells will deeply effect you. The video is pretty emotional too. 

04. 'The American Nightmare' - Ice Nine Kills

This is a 12 minute long cinematic masterpiece masquerading as a music video. It's as simple as that.

03. 'Greatness' - Don Broco

Part 'Mad Max', part music video. There's only one way to describe it: epic.

02. 'From Yesterday' - Thirty Seconds To Mars

Widely (and incorrectly) referenced as the most expensive music video of all time, this Thirty Seconds To Mars video is still one of the most epic music videos of all time. Even 12 years after its original release. 

01. 'The Ghost Of You' - My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance are no stranger to epic music videos, but this one absolutely takes the crown. Not many bands would go in to a World War 1 recreation for a music video, but My Chem did. They did that. THEY DID THAT. 

(Watching Gerard Way react to the death of Mikey Way is one of those things you'll feel in your chest forever).

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