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The 10 New Bands You Need In Your Life Right Now

Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler 12 February 2015 at 15.34

In the latest edition of Rock Sound, we've stuffed our Exposure pages with another 10 new acts you need to know about. If you haven't got yourself a copy of issue 197 yet (naughty, naughty!) then here's a sneak peek at what's inside, including pop-rock jack-of-all-trades Emma Blackery, Aussie riff machines Storm The Sky, atmospheric Irish grungers The Winter Passing and the rest...

1. Emma Blackery
FROM: Basildon, UK
RELEASE: 'Perfect' (EP, Self-release. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE HER: A bunch of you will probably recognise Emma from her YouTube channel, on which she has 885,000 subscribers, but she's kind of a multi-talented musical / comedy / vlogging wizard. Emma released her 'Perfect' EP last year, and the title track is an anthem for the disenfranchised youth. But she's not here to tell people how to live their lives. "When I was 15, I used to think 'I hate my nose, I hate my eyes, I feel fat', but I never had a song that would tell me I was fine the way I was," she tells us in the mag. "Saying that, I am by no means someone who's cracked it. I don't know everything about being confident!"

2. Hellions
FROM: Sydney, Australia
RELEASE: 'Indian Summer' (album, UNFD. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Australia's really stepped up its heavy music game in recent years, and this rowdy mob from Sydney follow that trend. Raucous, raw and out to cause havoc, Hellions aren't looking to sit on their sound as their fantastically experimental second album 'Indian Summer' shows. Oh, and they're a straight-talking bunch with a hatred for elitism in hardcore. "The first single from this record ['Hellions'] is a call-to-arms against the elitist bullshit of some hardcore fans," vocalist Dre Faivre explains. "If we're angry at you, you'll know about it."

3. Light You Up
FROM: Birmingham, UK
RELEASE: 'All We've Ever Known' (album, Reclaim / Ice Grills. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: These Birmingham pop-punkers are out to prove that they're much more than your common-garden revival group. Vocalist Tom Napier chatted to us about their place in the rapidly re-emerging genre: "We go out on stage because we love it. When the pop-punk revival kicked in we didn't want people to look upon us as jumping on the bandwagon. We're much more than that." With their debut album out now and the Pure Noise Records Tour in March, all signs are pointing to 2015 being a big year for Light You Up.

4. Jeroan Drive
FROM: Bergen, Norway
RELEASE: 'Jeroan Drive' (album, Loyal Blood. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Everyone knows about Scandinavia's love of black metal, but how about some blistering hardcore from this down and dirty punk rabble? After being in the scene for over 10 years now, guitarist Yngve Andersen (mastermind of both Loyal Blood Records and fellow noisemakers Blood Command) gives us an insight into Jeroan Drive's unbridled fury, saying that their music comes from "Flaws in ourselves, in others and duplicitous, amoral, two-faced humans. When we are weak, when others are. The irony of hating haters that makes us haters..." Cheery stuff, eh? Doesn't half rip, though. 

5. Milk Teeth
FROM: Stroud, UK
RELEASE: 'Sad Sack' (EP, Venn. Out Now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: If you ever thought for a second that grunge was dead, prepare to be proven wrong by the raw, morose power of the UK's own Milk Teeth. Sounding like they could have been cherry picked straight from when Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins roamed the earth with drawn out, fuzzy riffs and a really pounding backline, guitarist Josh Bannister notes the development of their sound in recent years. "Our live show got tighter, and although we have softer songs in out set, we're still a punk band," he tells us in the mag. "Everyone's beating the shit out of their instruments, but in a thought-out way!"

6. Storm The Sky
FROM: Melbourne, Australia
RELEASE: 'Permanence' (album, UNFD. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: This Aussie six-piece are flying high after only releasing their debut album last month. 'Permanence' is chock-full of some straight-up pit anthems and hard-hitting riffs, but it also feature some emotionally-charged cleaner tracks, stemming from vocalist Will Jarratt's epiphany while he was in a seriously dark place in his life. "What snapped me out of it was the realisation that I'm not worth anything more than anyone else. I came to see that we're more of a whole than anyone realises."

7. The Winter Passing
FROM: Tipperary, Ireland
RELEASE: 'A Different Space Of Mind' (album, Fist In The Air / 6131. Out in March)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Pulling in some whole-hearted grunge influences and more than a dash of some classic early noughties emo, this hardworking five-piece are finally starting to see some pay-off from their relentless work on the DIY circuit. Guitarist and vocalist Rob Flynn (no, not that one!) recalls their surprise signing to household hardcore label 6131 Records: "I had just ordered Dads' new record off the 6131 website, when I heard they were interested in our album. I was like 'Fuck, that's crazy!'"

8. Alive Like Me
FROM: Oregon, USA
RELEASE: 'Only Forever' (album, Rise. Out now)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: If you're itching for a dose of some fresh high-energy rock from the Rise stable, Alive Like Me are what you need. With a really up-tempo and soaring sound, the band believe that they are just writing music that they're truly passionate about and they don't really feel the need to be pigeon-holed into any particular genre. Says vocalist Jairus Kersey: "It just made sense to write music that we wanted to play for the rest of our lives, music we could truly stand behind and not worry about a preconceived view of what we are supposed to be." 

9. Oceans Ate Alaska
FROM: Birmingham, UK
RELEASE: 'Lost Isles' (album, Fearless. Out February 23)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: There's no shortage of bands to get your stomp on to nowadays, but perhaps these Birmingham mosh-machines will give you something a little different to wrap your ears around. Their debut album 'Lost Isles' is coming out this month, and it's a meticulously crafted beast, full to the brim with angular metalcore riffs and monstrous glitch-laden breakdowns that are guaranteed to get any room moving. "We wanted each song to stand out and be different and really explore what we're all about," guitarist James 'Jibs' Kennedy tells us in the mag.

10. Against The Current
FROM: Poughkeepsie, USA
RELEASE: 'Gravity' (EP, self-release. Out February 17)
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Last but by no means least comes pop-rock internet sensation Against The Current on a mission to blur the lines between genres. With an infectiously up-beat and catchy sound, the New York three-piece have already amassed over 800,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, but vocalist Chrissy Costanza has bigger fish to fry: "We have one foot in the rock world and one in the pop world. A lot of rock fans are really against whatever's mainstream or on the radio and pop fans don't really understand rock music. I want to break down those walls and for us to have the most universal sound possible."

Now that we've got your attention, there's plenty more on all these bands in our Exposure section and much, much more in the latest edition of Rock Sound. You can download it right now, order a copy to your door (we ship worldwide!) or pick it up from any participating store in the UK. You have no excuse now, give the cover below a click to see what else we've got inside.

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