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The 10 Most Epic Videos Of Avenged Sevenfold’s Career So Far

Rob Caple
Rob Caple 5 December 2014 at 12.46

Avenged Sevenfold have had one hell of a career in the 15 years they've been together. Over that time they've amassed a fair few music videos, too - some big-budget blockbusters, some simple tearjerkers. Time to remind ourselves of A7X's finest video moments.

10. 'Warmness On The Soul'
Ahhh, the good old days when Avenged were heavy on the eyeliner and hairspray. 'Warmness On The Soul' appeared on the band's debut album 'Sounding The Seventh Trumpet' which was made on a budget of $2,000, and we don't imagine much more cash was spent on the video, either. They've done a pretty good job of it, mind.

09. 'Unholy Confessions'
It's 2004, the band's second album 'Waking The Fallen' is out, and they're already spreading their wings and growing their fanbase globally. And what better way to pay those fans back than roping in a bunch of them for this raucous little promo?

08. 'Bat Country'
Mix one mega rock band, a love of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, some strippers and what have you got? One kickass, messed-up music video, that's what. 'Bat Country' was the band saying one thing loud and clear: "We've arrived".  

07. 'Seize The Day'
Every band needs a heartfelt ballad, right? And every music video needs Synyster Gates soloing atop a coffin... right?! Fun fact: M. Shadows' wife in the video is played by Valary DiBenedetto, who is now his IRL wife. Zacky Vengeance can be seen in the coffin scene comforting her twin sister, Michelle DiBenedetto who is now Synyster Gates' IRL wife. WOAH.

06. 'Almost Easy'
Avenged really stepped it up a gear for their fourth album, not only in musical quality but in the scope of their music videos. It was go big or go home for the 'Almost Easy' promo and they just went HUGE. And don't worry, those people weren't really jumping into fire.

05. 'Afterlife'
This video really shows two sides to the band (literally) and was written by the band's dearly departed drummer Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan. Fun Fact: The Rev had major arachnophobia and only agreed to have that spider on his face for the fans because he knew it would look cool as fuck. What a dude.

04. 'A Little Piece Of Heaven'
Now we take a look into The Rev's slightly sick and twisted mind. The Tim Burton similarities in this one are obvious, but even we don't think Mr Burton could dream up something like this.

03. 'Nightmare'
'Nightmare' was one hell of a comeback album for Avenged Sevenfold after The Rev passed away in 2009. This title track is a fitting tribute to the sorely-missed drummer and the video was shot in the style of his favourite film, '90s psychological horror Jacob's Ladder. Watch right to the end to really have your heartstrings pulled.

02. 'So Far Away'
Featuring glimpses into The Rev and the band's childhood and archive clips of the man himself, the video for 'So Far Away' really gave you a feel for how much he meant to his friends and family. 

01. 'Hail To The King'
'Hail To The King' was a whole new start for Avenged Sevenfold. With a new album, a new drummer in the form of young buck Arin Ilejay and a new, throwback sound, the video that accompanied the title track was the first glimpse at the revitalised A7X.

So how did we do? Tell us what your favourite Avenged Sevenfold video is via Facebook or Twitter.

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