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Taka On The Upcoming ONE OK ROCK Album: “It’s A Chance For Us To Show A New Side Of Ourselves”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 20 December 2018 at 15.08

Ahead of the release of their upcoming album 'Eye Of The Storm' in February, Rock Sound caught up with ONE OK ROCK frontman Taka Moriuchi to talk through what fans can expect from their new music.

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Hi Taka! What can you tell us about new ONE OK ROCK music?
Says Taka: “The sounds that you will hear on our next album will fill a few pages of ONE OK ROCK’s second chapter. It’s more of us branching out, trying and experimenting with new ideas and sounds that we haven’t before. From doing that I really feel we have grown and our reach musically has expanded even more. I also think this is going to lead to some awesome new sounds for our concerts as well. There are a lot of massive songs this time around that everyone will be able to sing along to and after being together as a band for 13 years, it’s a chance for us to show a new side of ourselves. Honestly, it is sounding massive.”

How much is your recent song 'Change' an indicator or what new music may sound like?
“We have had catchy and more ‘pop’ sounding songs on our albums in the past but we’ve usually stuck to ballads or more aggressive songs for the singles. We wanted to use this song to show that ONE OK ROCK’s strengths are in this type of song as well.”

How much inspiration have you taken from bands you've toured with over the past year?
“We always get a lot of inspiration from the bands around us. It might show up on the next album, but there wasn’t a lot of it this time.”

And there was the Dome Tour, too. How was that for you? Has such a huge tour affected the way these songs sound at all?
“The Dome Tour was a lot, and we were hands-on with everything from the stage production to the setlists all the way to making new musical arrangements. There is so much I learned from doing the tour and some things I would have done differently. I plan to take everything I learned and apply it to our next tour. As far as the Ambitions Tour [goes] it felt like a really long journey for us, but I feel like we gave it our all and I am proud of it.”=

Who have you been recording with, and where?
“We have been doing sessions with a different producer for each time in both the UK and Los Angeles. There are so many to name that it’s hard to pick just one to comment on!”

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