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Superlove’s Jacob Rice On The Power Of Friendship And Its Incredible Effect On Pure Creativity

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 May 2022 at 15.20

"That is what Superlove is all about, writing some cool songs and having a laugh whilst doing it"

recently released their debut album 'Colours' via Rude Records, and what an absolute treat it is.

A blend of British rock cheekiness, downturned heaviness, hyperpop glitter and unbridled fun, it is the sound of two mates making music for the love of it all.

Brimming with as many mountain-high choruses as beautifully tender moments, all held together by a smile-inducing joy of what it means to be alive, it's a collection of tracks that are varied as they are volatile, and one that's ready-made to plant itself in your head for weeks on end.

To talk us through how it came together, we had a little chat with vocalist Jacob Rice...

So when did you realise it was time to put together an album, within all of your writing and working on stuff? Was now always the intention, or is it just something that came to be naturally?
"When we signed with Rude Records, we were working on the EP, but the album was there in writing as well. So we knew that it was coming up, but everything is so exciting when you reach that point of getting a contract that you want to celebrate that more than anything first. And, of course, we had the Self-Titled EP ready to go. So that was the focus. Then the pandemic hit, and we started writing again with no real idea what the songs would be for. We built a folder and filled it with so many different ideas, and we never really realised what it was we were doing with it, which was getting to a point where everybody else started mentioning the album. So there were three or four full songs in the folder at that time, one of them being ‘save yourselves’, which felt newer and more progressive than what we had already been doing. And in terms of the title, that came from us talking about what we would name the band if we had the chance to change it now, and Jon [Worgan] came up with ‘Colours’. All of the demos we had felt like they were crossing into different realms of what we could do as a band, and that word felt like it reflected it well. I like to think of our music as being on a colour wheel, encompassing all of the different elements that make up who we are. So it all came together just like that, almost behind our backs. It all just fell together."

A lot of that spectrum of sound must come from you having the confidence in what you are doing to spread it out further and make it a reality. And a lot of that confidence will have come from just being able to experiment and expand over these last couple of years…
"Yeah, and I also think, without putting together the second EP ‘…but for a moment’, we wouldn’t have any of that confidence either. Just because many songs on there then made us realise that songs like that do belong on the album. Just all of that time to find out these things and put things out to see how they go down has helped and given us so much freedom. It’s nice to have that freedom. We don’t want to feel like we are restricted in any way with what we do. We would have been able to go and write 11 songs that all sound like ‘save yourselves’ or ‘world of wonder’, but being able to do so much more feels so much better."

It feels like the other thing that has developed a lot, especially within the songs on this album, is the feelings of friendship and camaraderie that courses through the band. At the root of all this is just the joy from the two of you creating, which is a remarkable thing…
"I’m so happy that’s something that you can pick up. We don’t often think about how the songs we write will be perceived once they are out, but being able to notice that is very lovely. That friendship element, and the growing up side of things, is something that I love to talk about. It’s things that we all go through and everyday stuff, and we want to be able to produce things that people can take something like that away from. I think that many of our love songs, and the lyrics in them, could also be about your mates. As we were writing more and more, we tried to make sure that what we were making was more conversational than anything, just because that’s what you could write in a text to someone. At the core of it, we’re going to write about what we know. Being able to tell it like it is and hone in on something really honest and real. So we are using language that isn’t too glamourous or show-offy. It’s what we would actually say to each other. I love that, and love finding other bands that work in that same way."

And when band life and home life are so close together as it is for the two of you, it will inevitably blend into one thing, which holds so many positive things…
"Me and Jon feel like we always want to get our heads down and make something. That’s just the way it has always been. We have lived so close to each other that he is always around mine, and we’ve now we have pretty much moved in together now, and all we talk about is writing stuff. All of the other stuff that comes with band life feels like it can get in the way of the music stuff, which is the part which we think is the most important.

"We know that we are in a band, and we know we have to do all of the stuff that comes with being in a band. That’s so cool because I never thought I would ever be doing any of it. But the funny thing is that we don’t ever feel like we are actually in a band. We will go on tour and play loads of shows, but it doesn’t feel like we are something that people are going to be coming and seeing in the build-up. We are just us, the way we have always been. Mates doing this mad thing. With it just being the two of us as well, it will always be that close. And that is what Superlove is all about, writing some cool songs and having a laugh whilst doing it."

And to be in a position where that is the natural stance, rather than having to remind yourself that is how you do things, is a lot rarer than you might think…
"Some of our favourite bands that we take so much inspiration from, like Biffy Clyro and Enter Shikari, are like that. Since they were teenagers, they have all been mates, and they have retained what they mean. They are doing this thing with their best friends, and it happens to be in front of thousands of people. I love that so much. It’s just nice, honest, and something that I can always get behind. Now we want to be able to follow in their footsteps and be that same inspiration for someone else."

And as we look to the future, under much clearer skies than the ones you have been working up until now, what excites you when you consider what you have already been able to do and what you are now capable of?
"Going ahead with the band, we want every release from now until forever to feel completely different. The excitement from releasing one single that sounds nothing like the last one has been huge. To know that we can keep on throwing this band on its head is so unique and something that we both love. I feel like people understand what our band is a bit more, and that helps with everything you do as you move forward into the next stage of whatever it is you’re doing. So we will continue to be optimistic and try to uplift the people around us because that’s just so fun to write about."

Superlove are going to be playing a special 2000trees show alongside Dead Sara and SNAYX on May 16 at Signature Brew in Haggerston, London. 

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