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Sum 41: Music Video History

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 June 2019 at 13.29

A career spanning almost two decades and more hits than you've had hot dinners, Sum 41 have seen and done it all. And with such a career comes a long line of visually stimulating videos to boot. So here for your viewing pleasure is the history of the band through their music videos.

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We're bringing you up to speed on the history of Sum 41, through the medium of music video - starting with...

Serving as almost an introduction to the band, this clip shows the band at their most mischievous and manic. So watch in amazement as they play with Super Soakers, fanny about in supermarkets and throw their instruments around like they don’t have a care in the world. Proof that life in a band is well fun.

Be honest, you always wanted to be at this party. A brilliant portrait of the disillusioned youth coming together and having a massive laugh with each other, while the band rip one hell of a gig. Highlights in include the girl getting her hair shaved off, the bloke talking out his arse to the police and of course the corner shop rap at the start. Also, bonus points for Pain For Pleasure at the end.

This is an absolute classic of the genre. Smashing the gig in an empty pool while taking on some absolutely cracking dives? It doesn't get much better. This is a band living their best lives and having fun with it while also cracking out some banging tunes. Well done all round.

Every great band starts in the bedroom. Be it practicing, writing or planning, all of the most important components come together in the home. So what a way to pay homage to that than filming a video about pushing yourself in a place filled with band posters, pizza boxes and plenty of memories.

Life looked absolutely mental back in 2002 for Sum 41. Travelling the world, playing to thousands and doing it all with a smile on their face. So capturing that feeling of excitement that followed them around and sticking it into a video seems like a suitable way of keeping hold of those memories for a lifetime.

Something that Sum 41 have always loved is classic rock. The influence of it courses through their music as much as it does through their veins. So in the case of this jam the lads blend classic rock riffing with early 00's rap and then stand on some ceilings for a laugh.

With a new album came a new "fuck you" attitude from the Sum of 41. So what better way to kick that off than with a video that takes aim at choreographed and soulless television performances and gives them a big old middle finger.

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Not got much budget for a video? Well get your collection of action figures together, get your hands on a video camera and make one of the most dramatic and action packed clips ever. As much as we can be sure, no figures were actually harmed in the making of this video, even that one stuck to the end of a drill.

This is not just a live video. This is a retina mangling, brain spinning, visual head mess of a live video, the sort that only the Sum chaps could produce. Try and not blink all the way through for a fun way of ending up with your eyeballs hanging out of their sockets.

Another homage to the weird and wonderful world of vintage television performances, the band crack out this reflective banger while surrounded by contorting dancers and "hi-tech at the time" style visual effects. A trippy affair.

An anthem for the disheveled amongst us and one of the saddest songs in the Sum discography, the video follows suit in the same way. Following Deryck as he walks through the streets at night and is greeted by visions of the "perfect life", it is an emotional journey to say the least.

There’s a lot going on here to say the least. The whole tapestry of life is present and correct as the camera pans around the band and tells several different stories in very quick succession.

This is one of the most cathartic and anarchistic pep rallies anyone has ever been to. Even with marching band and adorable (?) mascot in tow, it's hard to ignore the size of that bonfire in the background of everything.

Following the journey of one very determined toy robot tackling the perils of life in the big city in a bid to get back home while the band destroy a convenience store, there is a heartwarming message hidden in the folds of this video if you look close enough.

Love can take on many forms and every case of it is completely different. The band try their best to portray it in as many ways as they can in this song's running time. Also, how beautiful is this song?

An intimate and candid look at what life is like when you are travelling the country, this vid sees Sum 41 at their most relaxed and righteous.

One of the most cinematic videos that the band has released and one that makes your own blood run cold, this is story telling in its sharpest form.

Chock full of memes and Internet references, the band throw themselves headfirst into modern day culture while also displaying how unavoidable and nauseating the digital world can be. You can't escape it, no matter how hard you try.

Another live video but one that demonstrates that even after all of these years, the passion and purpose felt between band and fan hasn't changed or disappeared one bit.

Playing inside of the wreckage of an old carrier plane and burning old memories found inside the ashes around them, the scale of the location here matches up with the scale of the song that the band are playing.

From a Facebook post to a reality, this is how powerful the Internet can be for bands. Taking over an incredible piece of land and exuding the same sort of energy that made Fat Lip so iconic, this is Sum 41 at their most righteous.

Life on the grind is hard, but we always have music when we need to let loose. The band portray this by showing a group of people doing what they need to do to get by but then using a Sum gig as their escape. Beautifully relevant.

The same band playing the same song but 50 years apart while being watched by what looks like an alien in a bike helmet? Yeah, go on then. Also, Sum in 1969 looks suave as hell. Big outfit choices.

A slow burning and beautiful song with a video showing the strifes and struggles that single parents go through while trying to raise their family. A poignant and relatable vision that clings to the soul long after it has finished. 

Sum 41’s new album ‘Order In Decline’ is out on July 19 via Hopeless Records. Grab your EXCLUSIVE cassette copy from RECORDS.ROCKSOUND.TV

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