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STREAM + TRACK-BY-TRACK: Polar - ‘No Cure No Saviour’

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 2 May 2016 at 13.55

This goes hard.

Today, we're premiering Polar's new album 'No Cure No Saviour'.

The album is out on May 06 via Prosthetic Records, but you can hear it in full below.

Wanna know more? Thought you might, so we asked vocalist Woody to give us a track-by-track run through the album.

Blood for Blood
Blood for Blood is one of the heavier moments of the record, and the last to be written. Tom and Fabian (guitars) came together towards the end of the writing with ideas that they realised belonged together.  Lyrically the song is about us coming back bigger and better, no matter how hard times are and overcoming all obstacles in our way. This song is a statement from us refusing to lie down and die! Vocally I tried as hard as I could to expand my vocal range on this record and I think this is one of the tracks that really shows it."

02. Downfall
"This was the first completed song on the record musically, vocally and lyrically. Originally we were a little worried about it as it seemed a long way from what Polar “was” at the time, couple of guitar parts and the right drum fills later and it felt like one of ours. Downfall explores the more melodic side of Polar and also contains one of the records heaviest riffs. This track especially shows how far Nick (Drums) has come since the last record, he really wanted to challenge himself with some of the parts on this song. Throughout the whole record, we consciously wanted to write huge, anthemic chorus’s and Downfall is huge with a big hook which is ‘Heavy Heart How You Weigh Me Down’ Lyrically is about trusting people in your life close to you and having that trust abused."

03.King Of Kings
"This is the personal track for me on the record, being about watching my Dad fight and lose a battle against cancer. I was 17 at the time and very impressionable and losing my Dad sent me off the rails. King Of Kings is about my dad struggling to beat cancer and losing and me struggling to keep myself under control. This song has got a slightly more laid back, dramatic feel with the music which I think helps draw out the emotions in the lyrical content."

04. Until The Light
"This is the second single we released from No Cure No Saviour and it’s the most melodic moment on the whole record in my opinion. This was one of the biggest challenges we had, as this is the first time I have lowered my voice from full out screaming to a pitched sung voice.  It’ about discovering our own mortality in life and coming terms with death, when writing the lyrics we didn’t know if this was going to be our last record or not. On a personal band level we were looking at the bands mortality but I also think that people can relate to the words as it’s a struggle people have to come to terms with day to day. On our previous album “Shadowed by Vultures” we ventured off the track a bit with the track “Black Days,” we wanted to do that with this record as well, Fab even managed to smash out a cheeky guitar solo too!"

Tidal Waves and Hurricanes
This was the first single from No Cure No Saviour and musically was the first song written, I think Tom had been sitting on these riffs for a while.  This song is full on heavy, foot on the accelerator metal, we always knew we wanted to be a heavier band then what we were. Once we got the chorus put together, us and our Producer Justin Hill were like “That’s it, that’s the single!” Definitely one of the head turners for us on the album."

06. No Cure
"We as a band recently worked with the homeless charity Crisis. On tour we would take whatever food we could get and hit the streets looking for people who had landed on rough times. We wanted to talk to them and get an actual idea of what it is to them to be homeless The front cover of the record is our drummer Nick shaking hands with a man called Bryan, living on the streets on Birmingham. This interlude contains recorded dialogue between Bryan and ourselves that contains the line ‘I’m waiting for the big day, when I stop breathing.’ It paints a pretty bleak picture."

07. Deus Ex Machina
This song fulfilled a childhood dream for all of us! We have a guest vocal from Andrew Nuefeld from Comeback Kid. This song is very much like the style that Polar have written in previously releases, leaning more to the hardcore element of our sound. It’s fast and heavy but we managed to throw in something a little different with a bit of a pop-punk kind of outro. Lyrically its about the digital prison we all have come to live in and the fact that humans have forgotten what its like to be humans because of machines."

"This is an old song from a previous release called ‘Inspire, Create, Destroy’ It’s a song that our new line up really enjoyed playing live and we wanted to revamp it and make it all of ours. We made a lot of changes to it, finally feel like this song has been done justice!"

09. Cold Dark Nothing
"Fab and Tom really concentrated on setting a mood throughout this album. We didn’t want it to just be a list of 10 songs and that’s it, we wanted a bit of drama and suspense. I remember we were in our writing room when fab said something like “I’ve written something that sounds like a haunted graveyard!” We rolled with it and it sets up the proceeding track perfectly."

10. Lost Souls
"Undoubtly the heaviest song we have ever written, its full on from start to finish. Its leans more towards nu-metal and are full of riffs and an apocalyptic ending. Jonny (Bass), who is pretty new to the band just decided one day that we was going to change up the whole intro on bass and it just lifted the song up with so much energy. Lyrically is about losing a close friend because someone in their life has turned them against you, its personal and I think you can hear it in the vocals."

11. No Saviour
"The last track on the record and I guess our go at doing something a little grander and expansive. It’s definitely an album closer, it wraps up all the themes on the album on darkness, hope, morality and the reality of life with 8 lines of lyrics. It shares the same musical composition as ‘No Cure’, so really it’s a nice book end to the album."

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