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Stream The New Pariso / Svalbard Split EP With Rock Sound

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 June 2014 at 11.57

Here's the deal: Pariso and Svalbard first met and played together in March last year in Cardiff. They fell in love, and after European tours and living out of each other's pockets / vans since then, they've now released a collabarative EP. Get your ears round these riffs.

Comprising four Pariso tracks, three Svalbard tracks and two collabartive efforts between the two, the split will get its release on July 07 through various label worldwide.

Speaking of the release, Svalbard's Serena has said: "Recording a split with a band we are massive fans of is one of the most exciting things we have done in Svalbard. Writing a couple of collaborative tracks together with Pariso made the process even more special, and expanded the creative dynamic. Our friendship has now been bonded by riffs."

While Pariso's Alex Fitzpatrick adds: "....our friendship has also been defined (and bonded) by ice-cream. The idea for this record was conceived at Gelupo, Soho, cemented by Sprinkles ice cream parlour (Southampton) during recording, and recently evolved by the mutual love for the apricot swirled goats curd ice cream at Bell's Diner, Bristol."

So grab yourself a Mr Whippy and give the split a whirl using the player at the top of this page!

The Pariso / Svalbard split is coming out on July 07 through Tangled Talk (UK), Swarm of Nails (FR), Holy Ground (USA), Through Love (GER) and Smithsfoodgroup (cassette, NL).

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