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Jen Walker
Jen Walker 25 May 2011 at 12.34

Wolfmother singer Andrew Stockdale chats to Rock Sound about celebrity fans, poetry and new album ’Cosmic Egg’.

Rock Sound recently caught up with Wolfmother singer and guitarist Andrew Stockdale to talk about celebrity fans, poetry and new album ’Cosmic Egg’.

Check out the chat below…

You played a show at the tiny Lexington in London recently. How was it for you and why did you choose that venue?
“Well, the promoter chose the venue so I had no choice in the matter. How did it go? It was great! It was a good night. The band played really well, the crowd were great, good energy, lots of excitement in the room. We played for an hour-and-a-half and I guess that’s how it went!”

We hear that Lars Ulrich was there, is this true and did you know he was a fan?
“Yeah, he was there. He came to one of our gigs in San Francisco at the Step Inn. I’d met him before but I didn’t know he was a fan fan. I thought maybe he just liked the band but it sounds like he really likes the band.”

Do you prefer playing small shows or big ones?
“I like both. At the moment I prefer doing small shows to try out new songs. When you’re playing to a lot of people you feel like you have to keep them entertained, you feel obliged with that many people. I do like it when you play to a huge audience and everything goes really well, though. I couldn’t say! At this point I’m enjoying both for different reasons so I couldn’t really choose, I don’t think.”

On ‘Cosmic Egg’ you’ve gone from being a three-piece to a four-piece, how has this changed the dynamic of the band?
“Well, I play all of the guitars on the album so it doesn’t really change the dynamic of making the record. However, for live performances I guess you can do all those extra guitars. That’s all, it’s just for live.”

Alan Moulder produced the record, how does he differ from Dave Sardy who produced your debut?
“They just have different personalities. Alan’s from an old-school, learn the ropes, start as a tea-boy at Trident Studios kind of guy. Dave was in his own band in the 90s and produced bands himself, so there’s a different approach. I liked working with Alan because he’s a pretty easy-going guy to work with.”

What do you do in your time away from Wolfmother?
“I go to the beach and look at sunsets and read poetry… I don’t read poetry! [laughs]. I like to go out to restaurants, that’s probably my favourite thing. I enjoy fine cuisine. We were just in New York and going out every night with our manager, I’ve never eaten so well in my life.”

How do you stop yourself from getting really fat?
“Well, the food was really good Japanese stuff so it was fresh. It wasn’t rich, I think it was healthier than what I usually eat!”

You’re a Twitterer, what made you want to sign up and do you find the 140-character format limiting?
“I’m used to it now. I think it’s probably a good thing in the long-run. The guy who was going to be my manager, but it didn’t happen, was like, ‘Man, you’ve got to get onto Twitter. You can do this, you can do that, you can connect with your audience!’ and to a certain extent he was right. It does help keep people informed of what’s going on.”

Do you think people feel they know you a little better by looking at who you follow?
“Yeah, maybe. I seem to follow comedians. I don’t know why. I guess they’re more interesting.”

The album ‘Cosmic Egg’ is out on October 26 on Island.

For more on Wolfmother, pick up a copy of Rock Sound Issue 128, out on October 07.

Jen Walker

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