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Rock Sound 15 November 2010 at 15.46

Two fine young bands have just released a split EP, and we’re streaming all four tracks right here

Stagecoach and Johnny Foreigner are two quite delightful bands - inventive, imaginative, endlessly creative and hugely fun to boot. They just released a split seven-inch EP on the ultra-good Alcopop! label which is limited to 500 copies [shorthand for 'This is definitely going to sell out'] and because it's so limited, we're streaming the whole thing right here.

What's more, Alexei from Jofo and Luka from, er, StaCo [okay, that might not catch on very well] have written their own introductions to the tracks, as if they're your boyfriend and have made you some kind of vinyl mixtape. Cute, right? To further accentuate the massive love-in they've each covered one of the other band's tracks - Stagecoach put their spin on 'Salt, Pepper & Spinderella' while 'Good Luck With Yr 45' was fed into the Johnny Foreigner-iser.

On with the show:

Stagecoach - 'Not Even Giles Would Say We'll Be OK!!!'
"This song feels like the sequel to ‘Map To The Freezer’. If that was about hungry stoners then this is about growing out of that and only having girls to worry about. It’s another note to my teenage self, a theme which seems to crop up in lots of our songs. Musically it’s definitely cut from the same cloth as. 'Map...' too. It’s got loads of sweet harmonies battling with loud guitars and we even tried some big Paramore-style crushed drums. It’s probably the most pop thing we’ve written yet but we never shy away from that. It says everything about who we are as band inside three minutes."
Stagecoach - 'Not Even Giles Would Say We'll Be OK!!!' by RockSoundMagazine

Johnny Foreigner - 'Tru Punx'
"This song was originally called 'Tru Punx Don't Get 2 Choose'. There's an awesome scene at the end of Blake's 7 where Avon explains to Blake that he's easy to outwit; his idealism, though totally noble and pure, makes him predictable and thus weak. To us, that's the two sides of punk spirit right there; you can be aware of a situation and know that it can fully end you but you stick to yr guns because thats the righteous thing to do."
Johnny Foreigner - 'Tru Punx' by RockSoundMagazine

Stagecoach - 'Salt, Pepper & Spinderella'
"The original plan was to cover ‘Suicide Pact, Yeh?’ as Iove that first EP but we had trouble breaking it down and making it work around a piano. 'Salt, Pepper...' was the next song we tried and it suited mine and Matt’s voices nicely. I think he sounds a lot like Kelly anyway. We only had one day to record this so had to work pretty quick. I had a lovely afternoon at Matt’s mum’s house making it, she supplied the tea and biscuits and we got to work. We subconsciously gave it ‘Plans’ era Death Cab make over, there’s a bit of Lemonheads going on in there too. We changed the odd lyric here and there and got others wrong, they seem like good people though so I’m sure they won’t mind."
Stagecoach - 'Salt, Pepper & Spinderella' by RockSoundMagazine

Johnny Foreigner - 'Good Luck With Yr 54'
"There's a whole bunch of cosmic reasons we chose to cover 'Good Luck With Yr 45', but we turned it into a barbershop song simply because we didn't have the time to, y'know, learn the chords and all that business."
Johnny Foreigner - 'Good Luck With Yr 45' by RockSoundMagazine

Think fast: go to the Alcopop! website to nab a copy of the EP on vinyl now.

And it's like these bands can't get enough of each other - they're about to go on tour together. How romantic.

Stagecoach and Johnny Foreigner play:

19 NORTHAMPTON Labour Club
22 CARDIFF Buffalo Bar
23 CAMBRIDGE The Portland Arms
24 LONDON Barfly
25 GUILDFORD Boileroom
26 NOTTINGHAM Gatecrasher
28 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
29 YORK Stereo

1 BIRMINGHAM Flapper & Firkin
8 GLASGOW Nice N’ Sleazies
9 ABERDEEN Cafe Drummonds
10 DUNDEE Doghouse
11 EDINBURGH Sneaky Pete’s

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