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Stream A New We Came From Wolves Track With Rock Sound

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Rock Sound 2 May 2014 at 12.54

We dig this Scottish four-piece. Have a listen to ‘Stallions, Foals, Foxes, Crows’ and find out why.

Scottish rockers We Came From Wolves have been making a name for themselves as of late and if you listen to our stream of 'Stallions, Foals, Foxes, Crows' below, you'll get a good idea why. Hooks, riffs, a Scottish tinge - what's not to love?!

Speaking of 'Stallions, Foals, Foxes, Crows', the band have this to say:

“Stallions, Foals, Foxes, Crows was written with some catharsis in mind. The song starts off by addressing loneliness, anxiety and insecurity from within, whilst dealing with the negativity and criticism that become synonymous with small town living and going against the grain. The story moves into reminiscence of younger, better, days and wishing I had stopped to take it all in a bit more. As the song progresses it becomes more of a slap in the face, a proverbial wake-up call to remind myself that the grass isn’t always greener. That life is still there for the taking and that the negativity and criticisms cast from those in their ivory towers probably stem from their own fears and frailties. It’s a kick up the arse, a battle-cry, it’s a pint with a mate and an arm round the shoulder. It’s catchy as hell and heavy as fuck. It says be the best you that you can be... and be fucking good at it"

If you like what you hear, you can download the band's 'Paradise Place' EP from this iTunes link.

Head over to We Came From Wolves' Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with 'em!

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