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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 September 2014 at 15.01

Another day, another downright tune surfaces from FIL. Get your ears round 'Breathe, Desperately' with RS.

Solid tune is solid, right?

From Indian Lakes will release their new album 'Absent Sounds' on October 06 through Triple Crown (pre-orders are now live from iTunes or Banquet Records). Want to know what we made of it? Go here

Speaking of 'Absent Sounds', frontman Joey Vannucci tells us, "To me this album feels like finally sleeping at night, or the first sigh of relief after good news. With a label behind the band, it is a record that wasn't constrained by time, or other things that usually get in the way of ones vision. I always felt like no matter what I did, being in a studio had to always be "Here's a guitar and a drumset kid, you've got x amount of time", but this time it was about making the songs sound exactly like they did in my head, no matter how long it took. Having no regrets about an album is an incredible feeling.”

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