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State Champs + As It Is Talk The Pop-Punk Tour Of The Year

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 9 March 2017 at 21.41

An extract from State Champs and As It Is' feature in Rock Sound this month!

It’s certainly true that State Champs and As It Is fit together as naturally as jelly and ice cream, but just why exactly is that the case? Well, Patty has a theory.

“We’re two bands who have a disregard for forcing a sense of being cool,” he offers.

“We’re both only interested in being true to ourselves and not listening to what the critics think. I admire any musician who defies convention in some way and I definitely see that with State Champs.”

“There’s a real mutual respect for each others’ work,” affirms Derek.

Away from musical matters though, how do the guys think their two bands are going to blend together on a personal level over the course of their first stint on the road?

“I think an extended period of time together is going to be bad news in a good way or good news in a good way!” laughs the State Champs vocalist.

“Our tour bus or van is always a really open place that anyone is welcome into,” adds Patty. “I think that’s a super important thing for any bands on tour together. It’s about being inclusive and we’ll definitely be extending that to Derek and the guys.”

“With State Champs we’re this band who are all best friends, but each of us has something totally different about their personality which helps us get on with different types of people,” chips back Derek.

“We’ve got someone in our group who is going to be your best friend: we’ve got nerdy guys, we’ve got party guys, we’ve got guys who like to do yoga and we’ve got guys who like to work out all the time… we’re always down to do whatever.”

“Well, I’m the most difficult one in my band to get to know because I’m so shy and such an introvert,” laughs Patty. “But getting to know our drummer Patrick [Foley], yeah, you won’t have any trouble there at all!”

And with that the two descend into further fits of giggles about their respective tour playlists and favourite on-bus movies.

They’re going to have a blast.

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