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Spy Catcher

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 31 January 2011 at 09.35

Chances are they don’t like you… but you’ll like them.

Q: When is a new band not a new band? A: When they’ve already dipped their toe into the pool of hype collecting around them, found it to be fetid and decided to hide.

Spy Catcher first revealed themselves almost two years ago and immediately found some attention; after all, ‘…featuring members of Gallows, Haunts and Cry For Silence’ is quite the selling point, but Spy Catcher didn’t want to be That Band With Those Guys.

They bunked down in guitarist Tom Mitchener’s studio and recorded ‘Honesty’, one of the most energetic, melodic, bitterest and most downright exciting debuts you’ll hear in 2011.

“We said, ‘Fuck everything, we’ll do the album ourselves’ expecting to get a bit of criticism and curiosity,” explains bassist Stuart Gili-Ross. “It’s clearly quite a cynical record with titles like ‘I Don’t Like People’. We’re not jaded but we’ve been around the block and didn’t feel like we had to write about anything in particular to get people interested. We’ve got a song called ‘Tabs’, which is about making roll-ups at the side of the road and is literally about nothing else.”
Spy Catcher - 'I Don't Like People' by RockSoundMagazine
And with ‘Honesty’ ploughing a Rival Schools-meets-Replacements furrow, it’s certainly not what you’d expect given the members’ previous bands – and that’s exactly the point. “From doing other bands it’s made us want to do other things,” continues the bassist. “When you get older you mellow out, your tastes evolve…”

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