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Softcult On ‘BWBB’: “We Were So Filled With Rage And Frustration And Needed To Express It Somehow”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 8 October 2021 at 12.42

"It’s not about women doing everything in our power to protect ourselves and hope we don’t become another statistic… it’s about educating and ending the violence at its source."

Softcult have released a new track that you need to listen to, digest and act upon.

The song is called 'BWBB', which is set to appear on their new EP 'Year Of The Snake', and finds the band taking aim at the culture of men getting away with abhorrent acts time and time again. Seething, savage and so incredibly vital, the duo delivers a boot to the temple whilst also using their voices to instigate genuine change.

We chatted to the girls all about it and the importance of writing a song like this and having it become a part of the band:

Where did 'BWBB' first starting coming to life and how did its message develop over the course of you building it?

"We wrote the song the night we heard about what happened to Sarah Everard.

"We were just so filled with rage and frustration and needed to express it somehow. That same week, which ironically was international women’s week, there was an attack targeting women at a spa in Atlanta. Then a day or so later as we were finishing up the song we heard about police brutality at the vigils for Sarah Everard in London. Of course, while all this violence is happening the hashtag #NotAllMen is trending.

"It just seemed endless… And the more people were speaking up about gender violence the more ignorance and defensive outrage seemed to drown out the voices trying to raise awareness. We needed to write this song and voice the feeling of complete frustration, anger, and disappointment. I think a lot of male allies have lived in a bubble of sorts, naive to the frightening realities women face on a daily basis. This song is meant to highlight these harsh realities and pop the bubble, so to speak, so we can all face this issue together and finally put an end to gender violence."

Where does it fit in terms of what the rest of your upcoming EP represents for you?
"This song is definitely the angriest, and maybe even the most confident track on the EP. We wrote it without a filter, fully aware that it would be polarizing. It was intentional and unapologetic. The other songs will definitely still get you in the feels emotionally, but I don’t think they use the same tactics. This song is going to trigger a lot of people and spark up important conversations, and that's the whole point."

What do you want people to feel when they listen to this track?
"I think some people are going to relate really heavily and feel like they are finally being heard. Others are going to feel a little attacked. But if you listen to this song and feel defensive or offended, maybe ask yourself why? In the end, we want people to feel the same anger and frustration that so many women and people assigned female at birth have been feeling. We’re hoping whoever listens to this song will be open to some self-analysis. We want people to finally understand that gender violence is preventable and we can prevent it together by changing the conversation about it. It’s not about women doing everything in our power to protect ourselves and hope we don’t become another statistic… it’s about educating and ending the violence at its source."

How important is it for you to have a track as vital as this play such a part within the Softcult story so far?
"This is the reason we became a band in the first place. We have a message and we want to get it out there. Not everyone is going to like it, but society needs to hear it. Hopefully, the more we talk about issues like this the less taboo they will become and people will become more aware that they exist. We feel very passionately about this subject matter, and we want to use our platform such as it is to raise awareness and be a voice calling for change."

Here it is:

'Year Of The Snake' is set for release on February 04 2022. You can pre-save it right HERE

The artwork looks like this:

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