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Social Suicide ‘Broken Pilgrims’ Album Stream And Track By Track

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 12 April 2011 at 11.35

Norwegian hardcore band post their album for listening ahead of their UK tour with Comeback Kid and The Ghost Inside.

Norwegian hardcore mob Social Suicide hit the UK this weekend as part of the Through The Noise Tour with Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside, Kvelertak and Gravemaker.

Last year the band released their debut album 'Broken Pilgrims' in Europe, it's a belter and so we've arranged a cheeky stream of the album ahead of its UK release on April 18! Not only that but we also asked guitarist Bjarte Haugland to talk you through the record track by track, he kindly obliged so click on the player below to start the album and start reading!

01. Mail From The Watchtower
This song came as a result of a period where I felt that I couldn't write riffs anymore. Therefore I started working with chords I had never used before and that became a rescue for my music-writing in that period. It is one of the more melodic tracks on the album and we almost gave up on the song at one point as it took us many rehearsals to get it sounding good when all four of us were. In the end, this track ended up as one of my favourites.

02. Death Of New Kings
The fastest song on the record. One of the easiest songs for us to write at that point and definitely a fun one to play live.

03. Harlots & Prophets
The first song we wrote for the album. Straightforward hard rock. Ivar Nikolaisen from Silver (our all time favourite band) does half the vocals on this track, something we're all really proud of. It definitely made this song better.

04. Broken Pilgrims
In our opinion the most catchy song on the record. It also seems like it has become the crowd's favourite song in our live set. In many ways it's just a regular punk rock song, but I think the structure is a bit unusual.

05. Martyricon
We laughed so hard when we came up with this title! We often talked about how the chorus riff sounded like something that could have been a Satyricon riff, so the title seemed to be perfect. Absolutely the most pissed-off sounding song on the album. Anders Mathiesen from my side project, Of Grace And Hatred layed some guest vocals that add to the track.

06. Fallen Angels
More of a down tempo song than most of the other tracks. Tommy Akerholdt, our producer, came up with the idea of adding handclaps to the middle part of the song, it ended up making the whole song a lot more interesting. One of the more experimental things we did on this record.

07. 5th Man On A Dead Man's Grave
Recorded five or six months before the rest of the songs on the album, this song was actually written three years ago. A fast song with the most powerful chorus we have written to date. The guitars sound a lot cleaner on this track than the others, which seems like a good choice on this song.

08. Let The Waves Come
Weird track. I think it's a result of us all loving Converge's Jane Doe album at the same time.

09. Enemy Cave
This song has the most heavy guitar riff on the entire album. We used some Norwegian black metal tricks in some parts of it too, which is always fun for us. Anders Mathiesen from Of Grace And Hatred does some vocals on this song as well. One of the strongest tracks on the album.

10. Rodeo III
Esteban's [Munoz, drums] favourite song on the record. He is from Chile and some of the drumparts on this takes inspiration from Latino-folk music. A short and fun track!

11. The Last Martyrs
The last song on the record and the last thing we wrote before going in studio. It could have ended up being a total disaster of a song, but fortunately it reached full potential. Lucky us. I guess it's a weird song because the verses are really progressive but the chorus sounds just like something a New York hardcore band would do. In my opinion, this song is a really important to the album because it shows a side of us as musicians that none of the other tracks do.

Turn up early to any of these shows to see Social Suicide in action:

17 - NOTTINGHAM Hit The Deck Fest
18 - GLASGOW Garage
19 - MANCHESTER Club Academy
21 - SHEFFIELD Corporation
22 - PLYMOUTH White Rabbit

Get tickets by clicking here.

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