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Slipknot’s 10 Most Shocking Music Video Moments

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 20 October 2014 at 15.28

To celebrate the release of Slipknot's mahoosive new album '.5: The Gray Chapter', we're running down the band's most shocking music videos to date. Sit back, and enjoy this morbid trip down memory lane...

10. 'Psychosocial'
It might not be their most gruesome vid to date, but the 'Psychosocial' promo had fire (lots of it), oversized stone heads and ruined buildings. It sets the mood for the rest of this list at least...

9. 'The Nameless'
This one was a stunning visual of the madness that was a live Slipknot show during their rise to the top. The Iowan hell-raisers make a massive venue feel like a dirty-ass club in the video for 'The Nameless', in only the way Slipknot can.

8. 'Wait And Bleed'
'Wait And Bleed' was what introduced the world at large to Slipknot, and what a way it was to arrive. Fifteen years on, it's a great reminder of just how shocking they were at the time.

7. 'Spit It Out'
This video sees Slipknot put their very unique twist on horror classic 'The Shining', making it 10 times scarier than the original film ever was in the process. Altogether now: "Heeeeere’s Corey!"

6. 'Duality' 
Is this the world's worst house party? Or the best? Depends what you're into, doesn't it? Slipknot tear through ‘Duality’ while masses of rabid maggots set about beating, smashing and breaking everything in sight. In true Slipknot fashion, they arrived, raised hell and left.

5. 'People = Shit'
More live goodness from the 'Knot. Off the back of 'People = Shit', their second album 'Iowa' hit Number 1 in the UK and The Nine staked their claim as one of the most important metal bands in a generation.

4. 'The Negative One' 
Before we'd even seen the '.5: The Gray Chapter' masks this year, Slipknot released this disturbing promo for 'The Negative One' complete with severed goat heads, derranged girls painted in black and white and vile gunk oozing through their teeth. It all comes across like some very, very weird and unsettling, creepy ritual. Which was probably the point.

3. 'Snuff' 
The song itself was shocking for Slipknot as a departure from the norm and the video took a different turn, too: this one's a look at  Corey battling his own inner demons.

2. 'Left Behind'
Slipknot playing in a dark, foreboding forest? Check. Clown clawing at the bloody, exposed brain in his mask and gnawing at his own hands? Check. Young kid working with the carcasses of dead animals? Check. Eating cereal out of a filthy bowl of mud water? You betcha. The 'Left Behind' video was the stuff of nightmares.

1. 'The Devil In I' 
Where do we start with their latest vid for 'The Devil In I'? It’s disgusting, isn't it? Sid’s feeding on his own arm and psychotically enjoying it way too much. Mick Thompson’s peeling away his mask and face down to the skull. The original seven stab their new bassist and drummer to pieces. Crows peck Chris Fehn apart, a rabid dog mauls Craig, while Corey and Jim get blown apart by explosives. And it’s all topped off with the haunting sight of Clown setting himself aflame... then hanging himself. All in all it makes one thing absolutely clear: Slipknot are fucking BACK. 

Slipknot's fifth album '.5: The Gray Chapter' is out today (grab it now from iTunes or Amazon). The Iowan mob will be back in the UK next year for their 'Prepare For Hell' tour with Korn. Dates as follows:


14 - DUBLIN Arena
16 - SHEFFIELD Motorpoint Arena
18 - GLASGOW Hydro
19 - NEWCASTLE Metro Radio Arena
20 - MANCHESTER Phones 4U Arena
22 - LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
23 - LONDON Wembley Arena
24 - CARDIFF Motorpoint Arena
26 - NOTTINGHAM Capital FM Arena
27 - BIRMINGHAM Barclaycard Arena

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