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Slipknot: Music Video History

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 June 2019 at 17.02

As Slipknot kick off the 'We Are Not Your Kind' era in style, let's look back over the array of music videos that got us to this point. Expect gore, guts and plenty of gross out moments. Brilliant, right?

'SPIT IT OUT' (1999)

What a way to introduce yourself to the world. Combining chaotic live footage with a twisted rethinking of some of the key moments from horror classic The Shining, this shows off both twisted sides of this nine-headed beast. You never knew how much you needed to see Joey Jordison on a tricycle till now. 

Much like the nonShining based parts of 'Spit It Out', 'Wait And Bleed' demonstrates just how utterly bat-shit Slipknot's early shows were. Seriously, imagine being in the middle of one of those pits and not coming out with a bloody nose at least. 

A much more disturbing journey into the minds of the 9 here. Maggots pulse and shadows flicker as little models of all of the members creep the hell out of one unlucky gentlemen. Clay has never been more dangerous. You wouldn't stick around in here would you really?

'LEFT BEHIND' (2001)
There are a lot of things in this iconic clip that have the potential to turn your stomach. The way this kid looks at that meat cleaver when he is working in the butchers. The state of his cereals. The fact he lives in such a horrible house. On top of all of that, the band look positively evil as the rain pours around them. Timeless. 

'MY PLAGUE' (2002)
There was a glorious period in the '00s where every big budget horror movie going had a twisted and heavy metal soundtrack. Where Slipknot were concerned, they played a big part in the first Resident Evil movie with 'My Plague'. So watch on as loads of CGI nasties bounce around as Corey and co deliver some brutal live music. Lovely stuff. 

'DUALITY' (2004)
One of the best house parties that you were never at. You can feel the sweat dripping down the brows of everyone in attendance at this chaotic show as the house is destroyed around the band, who are at their most debaucherous and deadly. If this doesn't make you want to rip off your shirt and punch a hole in your wall then nothing will. 

'VERMILION' (2004)
Following the journey of a girl lost inside her own mind is made all the more jarring by the editing on display here. Then there is the small matter of the band putting MASKS OF THIER REAL FACES OVER THEIR MASKS. Enough to turn your blood cold. 

'VERMILION PT.2' (2004)
A more restrained and beautiful conclusion to part one, but no less unsettling. How did the girl get here? Why is she being tossed around like a ragdoll? What has happened to her? Though the music is soft and emotional, you can't help but feel just as affected as if it was the heaviest song in the world. 

A piece of visual genius. Cameras never go higher than the chest and everything in the background is blurred so you can only just make out who it is, this is the first time that the band are seen without their trademark on their person. As far as unmasked videos go, it doesn't get much more original and frustrating as this.

Shaky, disorientating, wild. The only way to describe the view of Slipknot's live show as it is portrayed here. The jump from scrappy troublestarters to a genuine arena-sized threat as the years went by is one of the most polarising things about the band. Bringing the intensity of a basement show to a wider audience. Unmatched. 

Another angle of the band's live show and one that demonstrates just how dizzying a display it is. Try not to get motion sickness while you're watching. 

SO. MUCH. FIRE. The band welcomed in the 'All Hope Is Gone' era in style with plenty of pyro burning down the very place that they had been teasing their new album from. You can just about feel the flames licking your face. 

This one is well weird. Somehow digging a massive hole in the middle of nowhere leads to an almost Alice In Wonderland-esque maze of disturbia and darkness. Creepiest moments are by far seeing Joey Jordison's twig hands up close and Sid climbing the walls in full Exorcist. Properly freaky.

'SULFER' (2009)
A more straight forward band performance but with the added addition of the danger and beauty of plummeting into water. Though not as evil as a lot of what Slipknot have produced in their career, there is still an unavoidable tension to things here, and that is something not many bands can conjure out of nowhere. 

'SNUFF' (2009)
Now here's a proper heartbreaker for you. Keeping you guessing until the very end and hitting you like a freight train when the realisation of what is going on sinks in, Slipknot made sure that their most sombre number had the sort of visual that would be unforgettable. 

'THE DEVIL IN I' (2014)
If you weren't having nightmares before clicking play on this clip, then you will by the time that it finishes. Ripping your skin off, eating your own flesh, stabbing your band members mercilessly, setting yourself on fire and hanging yourself, blowing yourself up and everything else in between, The 9 reach the limits of their gory fantasies in these 5 cinematic minutes. 

Just as dark as 'The Devil In I' but with less gore and more atmosphere, 'The Negative One' could be a whole horror movie in itself. Following the twisted plight of an unnamed girl, it's rare you feel for characters in music videos this much. Powerful stuff. 

'KILLPOP' (2015)
Not a lot out there that's creepier than an old, abandoned, leaking house is there? Fill that up with the Slipknot lads and then throw in a couple of devlish dancing women and you've got a haunted house that you don't want to be spending too much of your free time in. 

'XIX' (2015)
Now this one is a little bit NSFW, so approach with caution. But if you are going in, prepare for one of the weirdest yet beautiful funerals you will ever see. This vid switches between erratic and peaceful, which seems a pretty fitting way to describe Slipknot don't you think?

'ALL OUT LIFE' (2018)
How often do you see music videos that start with hoses full of blood soaking everybody? Only Slipknot. Looking almost like a cult as they are spreayed with the copper mixture, this is the band dipping their toes into a different kind of horror. 

'UNSAINTED' (2019)
There is a lot to take in here, and more questions are asked than answered. Yet there is something truly chilling about the statues of each member standing around a burning efigy of Corey Taylor. Following the cult like narrative of 'All Out Life', this leaves so much open for the future in terms of the band's visuals. 

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