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These Are The 11 Songs That Sleeping With Sirens Have Played The Most Times Live

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 29 January 2019 at 11.09

We've run the numbers.

With five albums worth of songs to pull from, we don't envy the lads in Sleeping With Sirens that they have to choose what goes on their setlists. But that got us thinking- which Sleeping With Sirens songs get setlist love more than others? So we ran the numbers...

11. 'BETTER OFF DEAD' - 169 times
Okay let's just appreciate for a second that even though 'Madness' has only had three years of touring since it was released, 'Better Off Dead' still makes the cut as one of Sirens' most played songs live. Outstanding.

10. 'SCENE TWO: ROGER RABBIT' - 191 times
If you don't know all the words to this one and listen to it while imagining a scene in the movie of your life, we don't know what to tell you. It's a classic, and it makes the cut for a reason. 

09. 'GO GO GO' - 191 times
Okay so technically 'Go Go Go' and 'Scene Two: Roger Rabbit' are tied equal for ninth place, having both been played 191 times live each. 

08. 'WE LIKE IT LOUD' - 207 times
A good song because the title is also completely accurate- we do in fact like it loud. This bad boy has been played 207 times since 'Madness' was released back in 2015, and we're down to hear it played another 207 times please and thank you.

07. 'TALLY IT UP: SETTLE THE SCORE' - 219 times
Technically this is actually sixth equal with 'Kick Me' at 219 live performances- which means that the lads in Sirens have spent over 13 hours of their lives playing 'Tally It Up: Settle The Score' live. An enormous amount of time. 

06. 'KICK ME' - 219 times

05. 'A TROPHY FATHER'S TROPHY SON' - 233 times
One of Sirens' most personal and heartbreaking tracks ever, 'A Trophy Father's Trophy Son' has been performed live 233 times. Can you imagine the emotional toll that must have taken? To have performed this live 233 times? Huge. 

04. 'CONGRATULATIONS' - 248 times
Congratulations to 'Congratulations'. That's it, that's the whole description.

03. 'DO IT NOW REMEMBER IT LATER' - 294 times
We're into the business end of this list now. So let's cheers to 'Do It Now Remember It Later' taking out third place!

'If I'm James Dean' had a head start on all of the other songs on this list, so very deservingly takes the silver medal for the most live performances.

01. 'IF YOU CAN'T HANG' - 415 times
Baby if you can't hang with 'If You Can't Hang' then there's the door. There could only be one. And 'If You Can't Hang' absolutely deserves the gold. 

Sleeping With Sirens are supporting Good Charlotte on their upcoming UK tour from next month! Check out the full list of tour dates below:

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