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Rock Sound 26 November 2013 at 11.16

Stream the new album from Signals Midwest on the Rock Sound website this week. ‘Light On The Lake’ is out on Tiny Engines now.


Before you listen, a message from vocalist and guitarist Max Stern: "Light On The Lake is a collection of songs written between June 2011 and January 2013. The songs were written in an attic in Cleveland, in bedrooms in Tel Aviv and Brooklyn, in a living room in Portland, and in the backseat of a minivan that could have been anywhere in the continental United I guess it makes sense that, like most of what we do, the record as a whole is all over the place.

I see our individual personality traits shining through very strongly during different songs. There's Loren's [Shumaker, bass] spastic, mathy tendencies on 'The Desert To Denver', Steve's [Gibson, drums] power & drive on 'San Anselmo', Jeff's [Russell, guitar] simplistic but razor-sharp approach on '308' and my own drawn-out confessionals in 'St. Vincent Charity' and 'The Things That Keep Us Whole'. And there are songs like 'In The Pauses', which tries to cram all of those things into one four-minute block. There are few themes that repeat throughout the record to tie it all together, but perhaps it's more engaging to try and find them on your own.

Lyrically, I think I'm coming from a pretty dark place on Light On The Lake. All of the songs deal with changing relationship dynamics between friends, family and significant others. Towards the end of the writing process things began to take a bit of an upswing, which is why 'A Glowing Light, An Impending Dawn' closes out the record and ends the way that it does.

This record means a great deal to us because it's the first time we've ever made something that we knew people would actually hear. I think we felt quite a bit of pressure to work harder because of that. Now that it's out in the world, we're excited to hit the road and play it for anyone willing to listen."

Stream the band's EP 'Light On The Lake' below and visit or for more on Signals Midwest.

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