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This POA Video Gets Emotional

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 March 2016 at 13.07

#RSPROMOTES: Here it is.

Italian metallers POA have a new video. It's for their song 'Tears' and features Shiny Black Anthem vocalist Sarah Moon.

And it sounds like this.

Intrigued? You can get the song here, and we'll let the band take it from here.

Sarah Moon from Shiny Black Anthem is on the song. How did you meet her?
We have known Shiny Black Anthem for quite a while, being from the same city. As we watched how the band grew and developed, we thought their frontwoman Sara could be perfect to bring out the best of the song, both for her technique and her interpretation. And we were right. Besides, it was a wonderful experience working with her, and we became good friends."

'Tears' is a hard-hitting song. What was it written about?
Tears talks about how fragile our lives are, how every good thing must always come to an end, and how this leaves us desperate and helpless (how it leaves us in a hell made of smiles and tears). Every romance, every good thing, every dream ends, so one has to find the strenght and hope to live it all over again. Sometimes, one can only find these answers in the transcendent, and it is not by chance that we use aethereal, celestial sounds and imagery. So that we can make others understand that there is something “beyond” that can help us get through the worst times, be it faith or inner strength."

The video is emotional, too. What's it about?
No setting could express these feelings better than the cold, white snow. Snow is something that you visually connect to the clouds, to the skies, to somewhere beyond, another world It is something cold and sad, but it can take you straight to heaven. The video summarizes the ideas at the core of the song, because it talks about something that is long gone, that only hope will give us a chance to get back, walking in reverse towards the most intimate memories, hoping to embrace them again one day, beyond heaven and earth. This is never easy unfortunately, especially when you know you’re not dead but you feel in hell."

What do you want people who listen to 'Tears' to take away from it?
"Everyone of us suffers from something when it is over: a romance, a life, a joy, an experience. The important thing is to remember it and try to live it all over again even for a few moments. The best thing would be to find a person, a reason to live, to hang on to not to drown. To give oneself hope that the happiness will return, that they will be able to live with the suffering."

Do you think bands from outside the UK / US sometimes get looked down on?
"Our genre of music was basically born in those countries and it is only normal that the British / American tradition has a predominance. Every country has their own peculiarities, but the listeners should not be prevented from listening to new realities that come from outside those countries. They should be encouraged instead.

"We find ourselves in a difficult situation, because we are very aware that before conquering the world you have to conquer your own country. We come from a country which is way behind in many ways, and not only in a musical sense, so it is difficult for our music to have a wide success, but not impossible. We are not giving up, and we hope our music can be appreciated also abroad in many countries."

What's the big plan for POA?
"Our main goal is to sign with a label that can bring our works to the next level, since we are already on our own path. We need someone that can let our music enter people’s lives, because that’s what artists do: they enter people’s lives. So we would like to take advantage of this interview to tell all the labels, independent or not, that POA are looking for a contract for distribution. We will release the CD we are working on only if we sign with a label."

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