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Rock Sound’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012 Part Two!

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 December 2012 at 16.56

Our top album countdown continues today with numbers 40-31 on our definitive list of the year’s greatest records!

Day two of our Top 50 countdown (click here if you missed part one, numbers 50-41) begins with Basement's incredible swansong 'Colourmeinkindness' and just gets better from there. Have a look for yourself and see you tomorrow at 5.00pm for a recap of another ten incredible records...

40. BASEMENT ‘Colourmeinkindness’ (Run For Cover)
“This record's definitely up there for me this year," says Lower Than Atlantis frontman Mike Duce. "I picked up the LP from Banquet and even got Ben from my band a copy for his birthday. These guys seem to be influenced by the same stuff I am and it shines through bigtime. It sounds like something I should listen to so I do, and I'm a firm believer in the 'If it sounds good, listen to it' policy... It does, so I do. It's just a bloody great album! Kind of similar to my band but slower and way cooler. Shame they're splitting!”

39. THE FRONT BOTTOMS ‘The Front Bottoms’ (Banquet)
A combination of their cult hit EP ‘Slow Dance To Soft Rock’ and six new songs, this is the perfect introduction to TFB’s punk-meets-indie sound. Taking the best parts of each of their respective genres, their debut full-length is a masterclass in sensible, relatable lyrics and airtight musical arrangements.

38. MUSE ‘The 2nd Law’ (Warners)
A meandering, boundless beauty that freely grazes on a variety of genres and ideas, ‘The 2nd Law’ is another reminder of Muse’s effortless supremacy in recent times. An Olympic soundtrack here, a spacey exploration of sound and texture there, a belting stadium anthem in-between: Muse, mental and brilliant as always.

37. THE KING BLUES ‘Long Live The Struggle’ (Transmission)
The King Blues’ implosion was less than pretty, but in ‘Long Live The Struggle’ they at least put out one hell of a swansong. When the dust finally settles, Itch, Jamie and Co. will be irrevocable remembered for writing brilliantly catchy, politically-charged songs like these.

36. GREEN DAY ‘iUno!’ (Warner)
‘iUno!’ was an album overshadowed by the events surrounding it, as Green Day vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong checked into rehab the day before it was released. Thing is, it’s also an album of crisp, clear and free punk rock made by three men who chose to be limitless when writing and recording it.

35. ALL TIME LOW ‘Don't Panic’ (Hopeless)
What do you do when your career looks like it’s on the brink of collapse? Sack off your major label record deal, head back to your mates who got you started and release the best album of your career, of course! ‘Don’t Panic’ is the sound of a band coming home. And we love it.

34. THE SHINS ‘Port Of Morrow’ (Sony)
Further proof that we don’t spend all our time moshing, you know. And as James Mercer and Co prove on their fourth album, sometimes a mix of beautiful harmonies, stellar pop choruses and heartfelt, intelligent lyrics can soothe and satisfy even the most savage of music fans.

33. PIERCE THE VEIL ‘Collide With The Sky’ (Fearless)
With their third record, this self-described “bunch of Mexicans from San Diego” not only shoved a big fat one in the haters’ faces, but also crafted one of the finest post-hardcore records of the year. Vic Fuentes’ vocals are the supersonic focal point, but overall it’s a tight, emotive body of work.

32. WHITECHAPEL ‘Whitechapel’ (Metal Blade)
The Rock Sound office may be just around the corner from Whitechapel, but that’s not why we like this. FAR FROM IT. No, we like it because it’s relentless, ferocious and uglier than Luke Chadwick (Google him). What we’re trying to say, is that it was one of the best death metal records of the year.

31. EMMURE ‘Slave To The Game’ (Victory)
WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it’s nastier and bouncier than a space-hopper full of rusty knives.
BEST BIT: The drop as ‘Insert Coin’ goes into ‘Protoman’. Vicious.
LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM WHEN: Walking down the road with your hood up and a bad fuckin’ attitude.

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