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Rock Sound Editor Ryan Bird On The New Noise Issue: “Let’s Do This. Again.”

Ryan Bird
Ryan Bird 6 March 2015 at 15.07

As you might have noticed, our latest mag is all about new music and supporting new bands. Rock Sound Editor Ryan Bird thinks that is important. Very important.

"Everybody remembers the first time they heard their favourite band.

It's something that can happen in a variety of ways. Maybe you were at a gig or festival and they literally walked into your life on a stage. Maybe you heard a song on the TV, radio or internet and simply felt compelled to find out more about the people who made it. Or maybe, as is so often the case, you saw a review or a picture of a band in a magazine and simply had to find out who these people were.

For an awful lot of people, the latter is something they can relate to. And while it may be the case that so many magazines focus solely on the bands you already know and love, it's possibly more important than ever for them - for us - to ask, "What comes next?". 

Whether it be Paramore, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance or the dozens of other bands in between, Rock Sound has spent more than 15 years asking that question more frequently than most. We're proud to have been the first magazine to cover bands who have since gone on to headline arenas and festivals around the world, and so with that in mind, it only seemed right that we continue that tradition. 

Sure, last year alone we may have given the likes of We Are The In Crowd, Issues and Neck Deep their first dedicated covers anywhere in the world, but recently we found ourselves wanting to do more than that. What if, we asked ourselves, we dedicated an entire issue to bands who we feel have the potential to take over the globe - an issue dedicated solely to the bands who arguably need the support more than most? What if we put bands who only released their first album a few months ago, or maybe haven't even released an album at all, and gave the world the opportunity to feel as excited about them as we do?

Well, we did it. In fact, we did it 59 times in one single issue, which we simply called New Noise. In a time when the likes of All Time Low are headlining arenas, You Me At Six are topping the charts and Bring Me The Horizon find themselves second only to Metallica at the biggest festivals in Europe, it would be easy to focus solely on those quite remarkable achievements. But to do so would be overlooking one crucial factor - none of these bands would be here had someone not first taken a chance on them.

Make no mistake, we love every single band that graces the cover of Rock Sound. We chose to put them there, after all. But there's something extra special about getting to do that for the first time. There's no bigger thrill for us than giving bands a helping hand; a platform in which to scream directly into the ears of a world that could simply choose to ignore them. That's never been our thinking, and we hope that it never will be. Because without magazines doing something like this, there might not be a Bring Me The Horizon or a You Me At Six of the future. In a time when people under 30 are half as likely to vote in a general election as somebody over the age of 60, it's never been so important for young people to stand up and be counted. And although we are but a mere music magazine, this is our attempt at doing so.

However, all of this means nothing unless you support us in doing this. As the lifeblood of absolutely everything - you're the readers, the gig-goers and festival campers, the people who invest time, effort and emotion as well as money into the bands and music that you love - it's you who has the power to help ensure that the future of the greatest genre on the planet is in the best hands possible. We're incredibly lucky to get to do what we do, and believe us when we say that dedicating virtually an entire issue to the bands we believe have the potential to change the world is both exciting and gratifying in the extreme.

Whether it's one of the five amazing bands on the cover or one of the other 54 lurking inside, somewhere inside this issue is a band who will one day change it all. A band who will rise to the very highest level and who, in the process, may well become a band that inspire the next generation to do that same thing. To us that's an incredible, not to mention incredibly exciting thing, and we sincerely hope that you feel as passionately about the future as we do. 

So please, pick up a copy, open your mind as well as your ears, and help us in ensuring that the future is a very, very exciting thing indeed. 

Let's do this. Again."

The New Noise issue of Rock Sound (RS198) is available now. You can download it, order it, or grab it now from UK shops. Who knows... you might just find your new favourite band inside.

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