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Real Friends: Music Video History

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 14 July 2018 at 12.00

In honour of the release of Real Friends' new album, we take a look back at the band's history through their music videos. 

The brand new Real Friends album 'Composure' was released yesterday! To celebrate, we're bringing you up to speed on the history of Real Friends through their music videos.

2013 - 'Late Nights In My Car'

Shot on Warped Tour 2013, this one captures the true essence of Real Friends and their live performance. The perfect introduction to the band.

2014 - 'Loose Ends'

Featuriing guest vocals from Like Moths To Flames' Chris Roetter, this is a bit of a banger. The video is great too because it showcases a human side to life on the road with Real Friends.

2014 - 'I Don't Love You Anymore'

The first Real Friends video with a narrative, 'I Don't Love You Anymore' is pretty great. Just don't mention the fact that it's full of furries.

2015 - 'Summer'

Haven't we all felt like hibernating at some point? This video captures that feeling perfectly.

2015 - 'Sixteen'

A simple and introspective song, with a nice wee video to go with. You're lying if you say your heart doesn't break a little seeing that empty party table.

2016 - 'Colder Quicker'

The video for 'Colder Quicker' is a different pace from the rest of Real Friends' videos, but iis beautiful in its simplicity. It makes you feel nostalgic for somewhere you've never even been. A top-notch video.

2016 - 'Scared To Be Alone'


2016 - 'Mess'

The best Real Friends video. Don't fight us on this. It's based on Halloween- regarded as the best holiday of the year. It's brilliant. Watch and enjoy.

2017 - 'Empty Picture Frames'

2018 - 'From The Outside'

The most colourful Real Friends video ever, but dealing with a serious topic. It's a bit of a masterpiece. And the first video from 'Composure'!


Real Friends' new album 'Composure' is available everywhere now! Give it a listen below:

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