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Real Friends: A Day In The Life On Warped Tour

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 23 July 2018 at 12.03

We spent 24 hours with Real Friends out on Warped Tour in Hartford, CT.

Photos by Jordan Mizrahi

The final ever cross-country Warped Tour is currently underway, and our friends in Real Friends are out on the whole run. So we thought we'd check in with them and see what life is like for them, out on Warped Tour.

The day starts off with some of us going to help our merch guy, Jesse, set up the merch tent. Warped Tour is all about team work. You will see that team work is a reoccurring theme in this tour diary. 

Next, we go and look at the schedule posted by the Warped Tour Staff. Contrary to belief, we have no idea when we play until the morning of the show. Sometimes you find out at 9:30 am that you play at 11 AM! It’s a crazy world out here. Thankfully on this day we had a good time slot: 12:25.

Dave, Eric and Brian always go to the stage and help set up the gear. We don’t really have any roadies or techs that work for us. We’ve always found it’s nice for everyone in the band to do more than just play in the band. It’s second nature to us now. We are the band and the staff. 

It’s important to stretch before a rock show. We can’t be pulling muscles on the road over here. 

On this day we played a little earlier, but it was a great time. The energy in the amphitheater was awesome. It was honestly one of our favorite shows yet. Definitely felt something special in Hartford, CT. 

After the set you can usually catch Brian in the wagon on an important phone call about his investments. He doesn’t have time for you. Then you have Danny Boy playing some video games. And everyone else is sitting on their phones looking at social media. Being in a band is crazy!!! Hahaha.

Everyday on Warped we do a signing at the Owly FM tent. It’s awesome to meet fans, even if they do want to give us sweaty hugs. 

On this day they had wrestling going on in between bands. Eric and Kyle are huge wrestling fans so of course they had to ask about getting in the ring. Kyle even chokeslammed some dude! It was sick!

Towards the end of the day we did a livestream thing on our Instagram. Brian kept singing weird songs and we answered questions about our new album. It was a good time. We will be doing more of them in the future. 

At the end of the day we break down our merch tent and it’s all over after that. Warped Tour days are long and hard so usually after this we drink some La Croix and head to bed. The next day we do it all over again. 

You can catch Real Friends out on the final ever cross-country Warped Tour. 

They also just released their brand new album 'Composure' through Fearless Records. Give it a listen below:

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