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Reading And Leeds: The Gaslight Anthem

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 26 August 2009 at 02.00

The Gaslight Anthem guitarist Alex Rosamilia talks to Rock Sound ahead of the band’s Reading and Leeds performances.

Rock Sound recently caught up with The Gaslight Anthem guitarist Alex Rosamilia to find out about the band's hectic schedule, their forthcoming performances at Reading and Leeds and that performance with The Boss. Check out the chat below...

How are you Alex? How's Summer been?
"Busy! We have pretty much done a lap of the world through Festivals. Last week was my first weekend in New Jersey since we did that Rock Sound cover!"

Wow, not wasting any time then. What have been your highlights so far?
"Aside from generally being able to see so many countries and fill up the passport I think Japan was an amazing experience, I have never had a culture shock like that before in my life. It's also been great watching bands, I have seen The Flaming Lips, Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails two or three times. Bands that you don't normally get to see I got a pretty good spot for at various festivals."

Made any new friends?
"Lily Allen, it's an odd connection but we've made it this summer. Originally we met her in Germany and we ended up at six or seven other festivals with her so we've been hanging out a bit. She gave our sound guy a glove at Glastonbury and he returned it at T In The Park, which was weird."

Anyone else, like Bruce Springsteen maybe?
(laughs) "Oh and that guy. How could I forget about meeting The Boss, that was pretty cool."

How did that whole Glastonbury cameo thing happen?
"Well he made the call on it, it was ten minutes before the set was supposed to start and our tour manager tells our guitar tech to set up the Vox. The Vox is Brian's backup amp and I was wondering why he would want to use that, then it dawned on me what was going on! My jaw dropped and I went back to the dressing room to introduce myself to Bruce Springsteen, which was surreal. Then, for the biggest moment of our lives I was out of tune for the whole song by a quarter step. I have personally made sure that clip will sound like crap for all eternity!"

Your tuning was not the hot topic from that performance, did you not notice Bruce getting the lyrics to your song wrong at any point?
"I didn't notice until I watched the playback but I don't care it's just amazing that he listened to the song, dug the song and wanted to play it with us. He doesn't know all the words to our songs, neither do I! The Boss is only human, but he's still Bruce Springsteen, who is going to tell him he's singing the wrong words. Not me that's for sure."

After Reading and Leeds are you done playing live?
"Not even close, we are doing a full US headline tour for September and October then we go back to Europe for the beginning of November. After that we are done for five months and we get to writing start the next record that everyone is going to hate. I think we are scheduled to go into the studio in January."

Are you writing already?
"Yeah, we are working on some stuff. Once we get off the Festivals and head back into clubs we actually have a soundcheck so that's usually where we practice new material. We actually have one new song we've been working on, it's a bit of an oddball for us but it's really cool. Brian also emails us stuff and we all work on it at home in a very Postal Service-y way, not that it sounds like that band but it's getting written that way."

Rock Sound would love to hear you guys doing a Postal Service record?
"I'd be into it, I've been known to dabble in electronics in my time off. In fact, I'm not sure if it's going to work or not but I'm going to try and add some keyboards to the new stuff, not synths but actual keys and maybe even an organ. Piano is my first instrument, I already know how to play it so why not, gives me an excuse to buy a keyboard. I also want to try and put some pedal steel on the record but that might be too lofty of a goal."

That's maybe album four?
"Sure, we can take it slow."

So, UK in November then?
"Yes, I'm not sure what I can say about that yet so I will just say yes."

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