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Talking Tours, Records And Music With We Are The In Crowd’s Tay Jardine

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 19 October 2012 at 16.14

We look to the future with We Are The In Crowd’s Tay Jardine as they depart the UK after their stint on tour with Young Guns, Your Demise and Marmozets.

Having recently toured the UK as part of the Vans Off The Wall Music Tour, we chatted to regular Rock Sound Agony Aunt Tay Jardine.

Back in 2010, their EP ‘Guaranteed To Disagree’ landed on our desk. Since then, and as predicted, the demand for We Are The In Crowd has grown rapidly. Their collaborations with regular tour buddies All Time Low and Yellowcard continues to boost their profile while their recent slot on tour with Young Guns, Your Demise and Marmozets gave the band a chance to shine on a unique and distinct bill. New material from the Poughkeepsie five piece is expected in 2013, and we can't bloody wait to hear it!

You spend a lot of time touring the UK, why is it that you spend so much time here?
Says singer Tay: “Well we enjoy it, but the demand is here, we like it a lot.”

Have you learned anything on this recent tour?
“Yeah definitely, there’s not one band that is really similar to one another, which is kind of cool because every night you’re winning over a new fan or you’re trying to. Normally every time we’ve toured here the bill has been more similar bands, so this time it’s kind of cool. You see the people at the back, they don’t really know who you are and they’re kind of into it. It feels like if you can get those people into it then it’s a successful night.”

Do you learn anything from watching bands such as Your Demise?
“Yeah definitely. It’s funny we were actually talking to them about stage presence, they’ll comment on things that we do and we’ll comment on things that they do, it’s all very different.”

What’s the most enjoyable thing for you about a live performance?
“I love hearing people sing back. The audience is watching us, we’re watching the audience. If they’re loud and energetic then we have a really good time. It’s a different show for us every night too, so I always enjoy a really good crowd.”

Talking about the new album, you’re starting to record that in January is that right?
“We think so, we’re not really sure at this point. We’re trying to write everything and we’ve been touring, so we’re pushing things back a little bit, but hopefully in January we’ll have time to really sit down and write.”

Have you written any material for the new album?
“Yeah here and there but we haven’t all sat down and done anything yet no.”

So you can’t give us any idea of what to expect?
“No there’s not really any big direction. I know that we’re not going to steer too far away from what we are or anything weird like that. I know that this year we’ve been through a lot and there’s certainly a lot of things to say.”

Can you give any examples of what you’ll use as subject matter?
“I think just the amount of touring we’ve done will influence us and the different places we’ve gone.”

What inspires you about that?
“With the different kind of people that you meet in every area, everything’s really different, so whether it’d be somebody that’s more open minded than the next country. For example, this tour the audience is very open minded, I don’t think that a tour like this could happen in the States.”

What else do you think will inspire you besides touring?
“I’ve been through some relationship ups and downs and I think that that’ll show through. I’m not really sure yet, I do know we’re excited to write again because when you tour for so long you just want to get off the road and write again. We’re all really ready to start a new record.”

Besides from the album, what else can we expect from you in 2013…touring?
“Touring yeah of course touring! We do want to do some more headliners and to make our way up I guess in that sense. We want to headline the UK again and eventually headline the US, that’d be really cool.”

Big picture wise are there any goals you haven’t yet reached that you want to?
“I always think about that. You can make a ton of goals but as we move on, there’s always something that I check back and think ‘wow that was really awesome and I achieved that’, it’s almost like you make them up as you go and that’s how I feel about it. Our ultimate goal is just to keep doing what we’re doing and expanding and still have fun while we’re doing it.”

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