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PVRIS: Music Video History

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 7 December 2018 at 14.53

In just a few years, Lynn Gunn and PVRIS have become total icons and their music video output has played a huge part in that. Let's take a look through history. 

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Never has carrying an umbrella in various locations looked so brilliantly atmospheric. Then when the lads batter the ground with the baseball bats it feels like the earth below you is shaking. 

The first signs of spookiness come in the form of that radio flying around and then all of a sudden everytHING IS UNDER WATER?!? Playing on some serious fears with realtive ease. 

Referencing the classic Spielberg film 'Poltergeist', this creepy offering is just as jaunting as the original film. You'll be sleeping with the light on for weeks.

Playing with positioning of light and camera tricks designed to make the head spin, this is sure to make you feel queasy. 

Performing in what looks like the remnants of a hellstorm, this is a truly claustraphobic and intoxicating clip.

Lost in the darkness, shadows of the band fill the screen and somehow manage to be calming. 

Like a old film found in the attic, this is probably the creepiest output from the band during the 'White Noise' era. 

Slow and sultry, the convulsions and soft textures of this clip slowing descend into slow burning chaos. 

Inverted colours and scary faces for all, the use of the mirror comes full circle. 

One of PVRIS' most romantic moments deserves a video just as passionate. Luckily the band delivered just that with this gorgeous visual. 

A new era begins and a new style of atmosphere takes the stage. Soft and sleek descends into chaos very quickly. 

A dance routine for the ages and a sexually confident energy that only PVRIS can conjure. 

Simple but incredible effective, the fading of Lynn's face into the background combined with that hand in the corner at the end is enough to send a chill up your spine. 

Once again, the most basic of ideas is the most effective. 

The most haunted that the band have ever looked and up there with the most unpredictable of videos they have produced. 

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