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Pulled Apart By Horses

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 21 June 2010 at 16.00

The Leeds mentalists have finally released their debut album - a delicious riff pie with a thick riff crust and lots of steaming riffy gravy - and want to give you some free music, so come inside

Pulled Apart By Horses have been doing the gig rounds for ages now, but have only just got round to releasing their debut album proper. Why? Well, you can read about that in the new issue of Rock Sound onsale from Wednesday June 23, but for now, have a listen to the veritably feral 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat' from their ultra-rare 'Live At Leeds' 12-inch. More music is further down the page...
Pulled Apart By Horses - 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat' (Live) by RockSoundMagazine

So come on - justify our love...

Introduce yourselves - who's in the band and what do you do?
"How do, we have Mr Tom Hudson who plays guitar and 'sings', Robert John Lee on bass and incredibly loud Yorkshire backing vocals, James Brown on guitar and me, Lee Vincent, on drums."

When was your first gig?

"It was nearly two-and-a-half years ago on a cold February night at the Packhorse pub in Leeds, with a very talented popular beat combo named That Fucking Tank. It was a sweaty, fun affair; one that made us think, 'Maybe we should do this again'."

Name three bands who inspired you when you were starting out...
"I know its obvious but Nirvana are definitely the one band that ties us all together, other than that I'd have to say At The Drive-In and Black Sabbath (purely for the big riffs)."

What's the story behind the song you're sending us?
"It's a moral tale about the consequences of stepping on another mans ghost train. In a literal sense of course."

What's your practice room like?
"Oh god, we fear practising!! Although at the moment we're getting our set together for our album tour and a summer of festivals so we're frequenting the lovely Eiger Studios in Leeds. Its pretty flash actually, too flash for us."

Rate these films in order of excellence, from best to worst: Back To The Future I, Back To The Future II, Back To The Future III
"1 - 3. They progressively got worse although 3 is still fucking sweet. It makes me sad to think of ol' shakey Michael J these days. What a legacy though! Thats a trilogy pretty much unsurpassed in greatness. Lethal Weapon would have been in with a chance if they'd stopped at Lethal Weapon 3 though I reckon."

What was the first song you wrote like?
"Like all of our stupid songs pretty much! Its called 'The Lighthouse' and its on our album (out today I believe!). We wrote it in the wrong part of town on an acoustic bass..."

Who would your ideal tour be in support of, and why?
"I'd love to have got the chance to tour with Refused or ATDI, I think we share a lot of common ground with those bands, energy-wise. In the real world though, we've already toured with so many bands that we've been totally suited to so we're happy."

How do you want people to feel during a PABH show?
"Happy, sweaty, euphoric, violated and dirty."

And here's the wonderfully titled 'E=MC Hammer', again totally live and again utterly manic.
Pulled Apart By Horses - 'E=MC Hammer' (Live) by RockSoundMagazine

Still with us? Check out their new video for 'Back To The Fuck Yeah'. Some say only creepy weirdos hang out in the woods after dark, but PABH are proving us conclusively wrong. Or are they?

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