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PREMIERE: With The Punches’ Absolutely Brilliant New EP ‘Discontent’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 May 2022 at 15.55

Nine years in the making, and worth every second of the wait.

Photo: Alex Zarek

We are absolutely stoked to be able to present an early listen to 'Discontent', the brand new EP from the iconic With The Punches, which is set for release tomorrow (May 26) via Mutant League Records.

Being their first release in nine years, the band have a lot of time to make up, and do so in an absolutely extraordinary fashion. Bringing their own brand of heavy and heartfelt pop-punk crashing into the modern-day with a smile plastered across their faces, these are five of the most perfectly crafted and wonderfully rousing examples of the genre you will hear this year. Familiar yet fresh, this feels like the start of a new chapter for WTP, and there is a lot to be excited about with that. 

Guitarist Dustin Wallace had this to say about the writing of the tracks and what the future holds:

“We couldn’t be more excited about the new songs coming out. We never stopped writing when we went on hiatus, and every few weeks a demo would make the rounds, but there wasn’t any real urgency to do it. Everyone was trying to focus on their lives outside of music, but in 2019 we did our first weekender since 2013 and afterwards there seemed to be a little more fire in everyone.

We started talking more seriously about recording the songs, demo production went up, and we scheduled time to record with our friend Brendan Williams at Gain Stage Studios in New Paltz, NY…for the second week of March. So we got there just as the world shut down, and tracked most of the record but then a couple other things had to be added and getting back in took a long time with Covid but then Nate from Mutant League Records reached out and the record got finished and everything sort of came together.

A little later than we had anticipated but we’ve continued to work on more songs in that time so it feels really good now that everyone’s personal lives are a little more steady and we all have found the place where we can do the band without it completely monopolizing our time. There seemed to be this idea when we went on hiatus that With The Punches was over, but we never felt that way, it just couldn’t be what it had been forever, it had to grow as we were all growing.

Now we get the best part of it, writing songs, spending time together, and playing shows when it works for everyone.” 

SO, without further ado, here we go.

Listen. Love. Repeat.

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