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PREMIERE: Wars’ Video For ‘Scorn And Fidelity’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 21 January 2019 at 14.07

Plus, frontman Rob Vicars takes us through the whole EP track by track before its release this Friday.

The Wars EP ‘As Within /// So Without’ is set for release this Friday, and it marks a huge start to 2019 for the lads with an album in the works for later in the year. 

Ahead of the release of 'As Within /// So Without', we had frontman Rob Vicars talk us through the EP track by track, to sit alongside the world premiere for their video for 'Scorn And Fidelity' - check out the video below. Over to Rob:

'Scorn And Fidelity'
"Our last single from the EP to drop before the full release itself, ‘Scorn And Fidelity’ is about trying to find meaning in your life, and the unsettling paths that train of thought can lead you down in desperate times. It takes heavily from French Philosopher Albert Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus, in which Sisyphus himself is condemned by the Gods to roll a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down, for all eternity. There’re some really eye-opening, beautifully written paragraphs and passages in Camus’ essays, about what it is to know ourselves and how we can view our absurd lives in a way that releases us from this torment it seems we all put on ourselves, to one degree or another.

I found a lot in this that rings true of the ideas behind the EP as a whole as well. The way the things we think and feel inside reflect out onto the world around us; if we adjust our perspective inwardly, then outwardly, we can find meaning and peace even in rolling a boulder up a hill forever more."

Check out the premiere of Wars' new video for 'Scorn And Fidelity' below:

'Little Death'
"We put ‘Little Death’ out all the way back at the beginning of 2018, and at the time we didn’t have a definitive plan for how we wanted this next lot of songs to turn out - we were just writing music and seeing what came out. Fortunately we felt what followed all sat well in the narrative for this little ‘prelude’ release. ‘Little Death’ is a song about acceptance in some ways; about greeting your hardest moments and your lowest lows and throwing yourself at them. It’s about reaching into the bottom of the barrel and feeling like you’ve used up every last drop in there, and wondering how you’ll find any more to carry on with."

'On Being More'
"This is the only track we haven’t released as a single from ‘As Within /// So Without’. This song is a bit of a  manifestation of a load of anxieties I feel most days about being a part of something, doing something that matters. I constantly flit from avenue to avenue in my life trying to do what I feel like my heart wants, what I should do, but it leaves me stretched thin, sometimes directionless, constantly on the lookout for a clearer idea of my Self. There’s a degree of realisation in this track as well - or maybe realisation isn’t the right word. I know the solution to, and the root cause of a lot of my tumultuous thoughts is right inside my head, how I communicate with myself, and it’s down to me to communicate better, and not let those defeating thoughts consume me. But remembering that is easier said than done."

'In A Mirror, Dimly'
"For a little while I got low-key obsessed with this quote from Philip K Dick’s ‘A Scanner Darkly’. It’s so introspective and undulating, and it’s like it manages to touch on all these themes I was thinking about and writing about at this particular point in time. There’s even little leanings to some phrases we’ve used to describe what ‘wars’ write about in general in there - and when we were gathering ideas for this EP and for the next chapter, it seemed like the right time to use it. The song itself is about that introspection, about looking inside ourselves, past the ‘murk’, hoping to see past the murk anyway, and finding some clarity."

Wars' EP 'As Within /// So Without' is set for release this Friday.

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