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PREMIERE: WACO’s Incredible Puppet-Led Video For Their Progressive Opus ‘A New Future’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 May 2021 at 13.57

A brilliantly joyful visual for an epic track.

We are absolutely delighted to present the incredible video for 'A New Future' by WACO.

Serving as the closing track on the band's 2020 album 'Hope Rituals', the track is a mesh of punk intensity and prog intricacy that pushes the band to completely new realms of storytelling and musical exploration. 

So a track of such grand scope deserves a video on the same level, and that's exactly what we have got. Showing off the journey to and from the final frontier of one very brave and curious puppet in his quest to save the planet, it's a fuzzy and fantastical look into the band's boundless creativity. 

We had to ask the band how the vision came together, and this is what they had to say:

When was the decision to use puppets made? 
"The decision was made on our behalf by ancient, nameless gods. Since birth, we've each had an insatiable and ever-present desire to make a puppet-based movie about feminism, extinction and hope. It was through group astral projection that we realised the time is now. When leaving our bodies we stared back at us and saw how fragile we are and, in turn, how fragile all life on earth is. In us, we also saw great potential for positive change and redemption."

How long did it take to make? 
"We worked with the most illustrious and sought-after art director in London, Sarah Sheridan.  During the strange summer of 2020, she began creating the worlds in which the story takes place. It was no mean feat and we are honoured to have worked with her."

What was their favourite part of the process? 
"Setting off the smoke grenade for the crash-landing-back-on-earth scene. Although I almost expired through excessive red smoke inhalation, it was worth it.  I blacked out and during what I can only describe as a near-death experience I reconnected with an old dog I used to have called Mitzi."

What was the hardest part?
"Reigning it in. Our original plans were akin to Jodorowsky's Dune but more elaborate and high-budget. At one point this video was to be an entire series and a commissioner from Netflix described it as "Thunderbirds for the TikTok generation". After a succession of bankruptcies we decided to go for a seven-minute short film."

And finally, what does the song mean to you?
"It means the world to us."

So sit back, relax and lose yourself in the joy and wonder of 'A New Future':

Also, all profits from purchases of the single are going to be donated to Beyond Equality, a charity that works with men and boys in pursuit of a fairer and safer society. 

Vocalist Jak Hutchcraft had this to say about the work that they do:

“Their mission to rethink masculinities, create gender equality and prevent gender-based violence is greatly important to us. We feel organisations such as this are helping to lead us to a brighter future. Women, trans and non-binary people face atrocious and unacceptable inequality and sexual violence all day every day and it needs to stop now. The patriarchy has failed, we need a different approach.”

You can purchase the track from right HERE and find out more about Beyond Equality HERE

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