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Premiere: Vespera ‘Vanilla Sky’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 10 May 2018 at 16.55

Rock Sound is excited to present the world premiere for Vespera's 'Vanilla Sky'.

Vespera might just be the biggest band you've never heard of. Possibly rock music's best kept secret, the Seattle four-piece's unique brand of deeply moody, dark, and energetic rock is mobilising an audience around the world. With tens of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify before their debut album has even been released, Vespera are making all the right moves.

Rock Sound is excited to be able to present the world premiere for Vespera's new single 'Vanilla Sky'. Speaking to Vespera frontman Jonathon Wolfe, he talked us through the importance of 'Vanilla Sky', stating "'Vanilla Sky' is a song that looks into the duality of the subconscious mind. As artists and as people, the subconscious can be one of our most powerful tools. It can provide the freedom for unlimited creative potential. It can be the place where the imagination roams endlessly.

On the contrary, the subconscious can also be the source of some of our greatest struggles. Unexpectedly and without warning, it can unleash tormenting thoughts of self-hatred. Thoughts of anxiety and depression.

'Vanilla Sky' outlines the struggle to find a balance; the fight to tap into one's creative potential without being consumed by the darkness that the mind unleashes upon our lives."

Without further ado, watch Vespera's 'Vanilla Sky' below:

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