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PREMIERE: The Dead Love’s Brand New Single ‘Pick Me Up’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 19 June 2019 at 09.45

Introducing a brand new Aussie rock band: The Dead Love!

Stevie Knight,who is the frontman of The Dead Love, just happens to be the producer genius behind Stand Atlantic (there's clearly something in the water down in Australia) - so his band already has a pretty good pedigree.

Today we're premiering their brand new single and video called 'Pick Me Up' - which happens to be a statement on mental health, and asking for help from the people around you.

Speaking of their brand new track, Stevie shared "I didn’t want to mess about with metaphors and creating some sort of literary jigsaw puzzle. The songs message is clear as day! The theme was inspired by something we're commonly seeing in our friends in bands and artists, the constant struggle with self doubt, anxiety and depression."

He continued "You spend countless hours creating something for people to enjoy, which is all part of it but putting yourself out there can leave you feeling pretty vulnerable, and with a fear of everyone judging you on something you've invested so much personally in to! On a positive side though, this song is acknowledging mental illness, anxiety and depression is common, normal and that it’s okay to not be okay.

"Asking for a ‘pick me up’ from peers and support groups helps so much, well it did for me anyways! I know first hand it’s a slippery slope into feeling like shit before the day has really begun, life can look perfect from the outside, but things aren’t always what they seem if you look a little closer, try and dig a little deeper. Talking about your shit is that first step towards a less shit tomorrow."

And speaking on the video, which is a lot more light and fun than the serious lyrical concent, The Dead Love bassist Clint shared "Like most bands coming up we've usually had zero bucks for a decent vid, so it's always been super DIY, friends houses and with as minimal cash as possible!"  

He continued "Don't get me wrong we didn't have a Hollywood budget for Pick Me Up, but we had a chance to get a sick space and some killer lights with a few crew... so what better way to use that opp then take the obvious piss!? I mean no one actually believes bands are playing anymore right!? And with the song's pretty deep meaning and message, we wanted to swing it back and make the clip pretty light hearted and fun." 

With all that said, check out The Dead Love's new single 'Pick Me Up' below:

'Pick Me Up' and The Dead Love's upcoming album are released through Adventure Cat Records.

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