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PREMIERE: Sundressed’s Infectious New Song ‘Size Of My Heart’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 27 August 2020 at 17.58

We also speak to frontman Trevor Hedges about how he went about creating the band's new album 'Home Remedy'.

We are over the moon to be able to present the 'Size Of My Heart', the wonderful new track from Sundressed

Jaunty yet infectious, the track is an ode to feeling way too much and the complications that come with that.

It's the latest to be taken from the band's upcoming album 'Home Remedy' which is set for release on September 18 via Rude Records. 

Plus the video is as fun as anything you'll see today and makes us want to invest in some fake moustaches immedietely.

Get stuck into below:

'Home Remedy' is available for pre-order from right HERE

We spoke to frontman Trevor Hodges all about the band's journey up until this point and how his relationship with his creation has changed over the years...

What feels the most different about Sundressed in 2020 compared to where you’ve been in the past few years?
“This band has been my first band and a lot of it has been a learning curve. The first record ['13's 'Whisky And Milk] was more of my songwriting with a producer type of thing. We went through a lot of band members and through the course of touring that record we have come into a solid line-up. I have amazing players around me now and when it came to making the next record we were able to write it differently because of the people I had around me. The experience of forming this band and watching it grow and become way more of something than anything I could have thought of by myself. Being able to say, ‘Here’s my acoustic song with a vocal and melody over it’ and then let the rest of the band have fun and see what they can do is so amazing.

"We actually ended up self-funding this record which is why it took so long to make. At the time we had a label involved where things didn’t really work out but we had already met Mike Pepe, who is the producer on this record, out in LA and we just knew we had to make the record with him. So we spent the whole year touring and saving money and figuring out how to make it happen. We believed so hard in this record that we just had to fight to make it actually happen.”

So when you first brought the idea of Sundressed to life, what was the original aim? How has that changed over the course of the last few years?
“When I first started I didn’t really know what I wanted. I was in a place in my life where I had recently become sober. I’ve now been sober 11 years. I didn’t really write much before, but in those first couple of years of sobriety I found myself writing a lot of songs. When I felt like I had a little bit of control and felt like I had got some of my life back, I decided that I was going to try and do a band and see what happens before I go back to school.

“So since then it’s been a real catalyst for me. It’s always been something that’s there for me to strive for and look forward to more than any other past addiction ever did. It’s been a very personal thing for me and it’s been cool to share that. Over the years I have realised that we have grown together as people and this band is more than just me now. It’s all happened naturally. Now I feel so much more proud of everything that we are doing because it feel much more like a team. It just all feels like everything is lining up and all the hard work has been worth it.”

It feels as though your confidence in what you want to say with the band is something that has changed the most over the years. Where has that desire come from?
“Because I was pretty shameful of a lot of the things that I had been through, I realised that it was really therapeutic to write about it. I used to want to hide it a little bit more with metaphors, but over the past couple of years of touring I started to be a little more open and say some little things on stage. I would explain something that I have been through and say what music has done for me and I found so many amazing connections through that. That’s what given me the confidence to not just sing about the hard things but also sing about how I got through them. However a small audience we have, I still have a voice and it could still help someone. I think that’s what has fuelled to want to be better myself as well.”

So where did ‘Home Remedy’ first start taking shape? When did you first start thinking about what you wanted it to look like?
“When we were starting to demo, it felt like we had a little bit more time to actually write and experiment. Lyrically I was in this spot where I had personally dealt with trying to get all of my healthcare in order and get treatment for mental health and not be ashamed of that. It’s difficult in our country to get the kind of care I need with the kind of money that I make. That’s something that a majority of the people in our generation go through in some respect right now. It was cool to go and write about a broader spectrum of things in terms of what people are going through rather than just the same personal and exact things.

“I started realising that even though some songs were about very specific things, the overall thing that encompassed all of these things was the idea of the little things that get us through the hard things, whether that be a song or a good conversation with a friend. The thirty minutes that we get on stage is what does it for me. I’ve realised that we played over a 100 shows last year and then going to zero this year has been super difficult. That energy exchange and connection is something that we live for.

“So getting those sorts of emotions into a record was really cool. I’ve never really written with a plan like I did this time around. There are so many different facets that we are covering but it all goes together.”

How did it feel when you realised what you had created?
“I remember hearing the masters for the first time. We recorded the album in LA on a really tight budget and there was only one weekend where all of us were together there. Other than that it was Vic [Chan, Drums] and me driving out to do the drums for the weekend. We actually went on a tour and left AJ [Peacox, Guitar] behind to record all the guitars. It just felt like we really hustled to make it happen and hearing it for the first time was just this overwhelming sense of pride. We got so close with Mike and he is championing this record as hard as the label and us are, so it almost feels like we got another band member through doing this.

“The whole experience was very powerful. With the last record I did a lot more co-writing with the producer, or more so them saying, ‘You could write a better verse’ or, ‘You can write a better chorus’. A lot of the times with Mike he would say, ‘This is good as it is’. It was almost harder for me because I was so used to putting it through another perspective and then going back and rewriting it. I think that’s why it came out sounding rawer lyrically and vocally. It’s just how I wrote it. So hearing it come together and hearing it sound like this is so cool.”

How has what you want the legacy of Sundressed to be changed over the years?
“I would just really like to be one of those bands that has the audience that grows and stays with the changes the band. I want the sort of audience that feels like going to our shows has that sense of safety and community that we all crave. I’m really inspired by bands that have made really special connections with their fans, like The Maine. They are also from Phoenix and the way they present themselves is really inspiring to me. We played their 8123 Fest and they made that whole festival for their fans. If you weren’t a Maine fan, it wouldn’t have been for you. Watching their set and talking to people who had flown from Brazil to be there, it made me think, ‘I want that experience’ with Sundressed."

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