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PREMIERE: Summer Years’ Defiantly Sun-Stained Anthem ‘This Light’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 9 July 2021 at 10.01

"Live your best life now. Today. Find your way to thrive."

We're delighted to present 'This Light', the brand new track from Summer Years.

The sort of song that radiates feelings of sunshine and good times past, present and future, the band deliver an anthem for every long hot day and blurry-eyed night that you have ever experienced. Euphoric riffs, huge choruses and even a lovely chuggy bridge for good measure, it has a little bit of everything.

Vocalist/guitarist Nick Lanari had this to say about the song's meaning:

"This Light is about the idea that it's not too late to pursue what you have always dreamed of, and battling the idea of 'I'll start working toward it tomorrow' but tomorrow never seems to come. Live your best life now. Today. Find your way to thrive. Failure is not eternal, pain is not eternal, your past doesn't define you, you can't live there forever."

And he had this to say about the music video, that encapsulates the care-free joy of the track perfectly:

We filmed some drone shots at the very end of the day, and none other than Tom DeLonge drove by us in his big Ford Raptor in Encinitas. It was epic. A good omen even. We just wanted to kind of say, "Hey this is who we are, and this is what our world is like. This is Summer Years." and I think we captured that really well."

Well, here we go then:

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