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PREMIERE: Settle Your Scores’ Buoyant New Track ‘Staring At The Ceiling’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 August 2021 at 16.00

Before their new album 'Retrofit' drops later this month, here's one more taster.

We're delighted to present to you 'Staring At The Ceiling', the new track from Settle Your Scores.

Taken from their upcoming album 'Retrofit', which finds the band paying a reinvigorated homage to the roots of pop-punk, the track is bright, breezy and buoyant in all of the most wonderful ways. It shows off another side to the band's influences whilst also allowing their slick and insatiable songwriting to shine loud and clear.

To coincide with the track, we also caught up with the band to find out where their heads were at when putting together the song and the record as a whole:

Where did 'Staring At The Ceiling' come in the process of you putting 'Retrofit' together?
"This song came later in the writing process. I took a look at what we had written so far and noticed that all of the songs up to that point we’re very driven by chord progressions and vocal melodies. I wanted a song with a nice, catchy riff at the center. Something simple but memorable. This song was the result."

What does it represent lyrically for you and how does that compare to the other tracks you have released so far?
"I wrote this song for my girlfriend and I actually gave it to her as a birthday present. It’s about laying around doing nothing with the person you love. Those lazy days are always my favorite days. Lyrically, it’s kind of the odd one out on this album cause I think it’s the only positive/uplifting song on the whole record. But musically it fits right in with some nice early 2000s vibes."

What was it that you wanted to achieve with this album as a whole? How did you make that vision a reality?
"I think the goal is the same every time, to make the absolute best album we can. But the approach was much different this time. Instead of trying to come up with cool riffs and ideas the focus was on just writing really great songs as a whole. A much bigger emphasis on vocals, production, just super tight songwriting. We spent a ton of time and energy on these songs, making sure they’re the best possible versions they could be."

How did the process differ from how you had written/recorded in the past? 
"It varies from song to song, but the writing process was a lot more vocal-centric this time around. Even if I wrote the instrumental first, the vocals and how they would fit in were always a priority and I tried to introduce them into the song as early as possible when I was demoing. Instead of writing myself into a corner with a bunch of cool bits and pieces that don’t necessarily work together it was always, what’s going to serve the song? Sure that part’s cool but it doesn’t really make the song better, let’s scrap it. Instead of just saying “alright here’s the song, let’s go record it”, we spent months workshopping and perfecting them. This album feels much more refined as a result."

What were the emotions that kept on coming up throughout the writing? What was the feeling that ended up being at the core of all these songs?
"Nostalgia is probably the biggest one. I really wanted to avoid rewording the same sentiment on every song, so this album has a really great variety of lyrical themes from song to song. Not all of these songs are necessarily about me or my life but they all come from very authentic feelings and experiences. Frustration, helplessness, regret, love, heartbreak. I don’t think there’s one word that encapsulates everything we’ve packed into this album."

What does it mean to you to have this collection of songs as a part of the Settle Your Scores story?
"I am extremely proud of the album we’ve created. I firmly believe that Retrofit is our best work to date and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world. It’s a slightly different direction for us and I think switching things up a bit really energized us to create something special. I’ve never wanted to be a band that puts out the same album over and over again so it was really fulfilling to create something that feels like a fresh take on the Settle Your Scores sound."

Well, now you know it's time to have a listen:

'Retrofit' will be dropping on August 20 via Mutant League Records. You can pre-order it now from right HERE

It will also feature '1999':

And 'Meant For Misery':

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