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PREMIERE: Seaway’s Wonderful New Song ‘Wild Things’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 September 2020 at 14.01

Get another taste of 'Big Vibe' right now. 

We are absolutely delighted to present 'Wild Things', the brand new song from Seaway

Taken from the band's upcoming new album 'Big Vibe', the track finds the Ontario quintet dipping their toes into new waters as 80's tinged synths tangle themselves into beautifully patient guitars and heartfelt croons. 

It's Seaway, but not as you know them. 

We spoke to frontman Ryan Locke all about the track and how it fits into the bigger picture of the album:

Where did 'Wild Things' fit within the process of crafting 'Big Vibe'?
"Going into writing 'Wild Things' we knew that this song would lean more heavily on the indie pop influences. It came together a bit later in the process, I think with a song like this it had to breathe a bit so we could figure out where it was going to go."

What does it represent within the wider ethos of the record?
"It is definitely a bit of an outlier on the record, but also in saying that it is still very in line with the “pop rock” sound we were aiming for on quite a few tracks on the record. I think an underlying ethos of the record and our band at this point is that we aren’t just a pop-punk band anymore. I'm not condemning the genre but we’ve grown so much since our early records and 'Wild Things' showcases that."

Lyrically, what story were you trying to tell? Does this story reflect the whole of what you wanted  'Big Vibe' to represent?
"I do like when listeners are able to decipher or create their own meanings to songs so I don’t want to spell out what it’s all about, but the song is about jumping off the edge of the world for someone who means a lot to you."

Musically, what were you trying to achieve? How did you bring that to life?
"Musically this was a very fun song to put together because we had such a specific idea for it. The song started with the simple opening riff, from there we threw electric drums under it to give it that bedroom indie pop feel. We trusted our producer Anton with throwing a tasteful amount of synth on it. I really love the way the song continues to get bigger and bigger as it progresses."

Where did you desire to write songs in this style and with this sort of atmosphere come from?
"We’ve always tried to break genre molds and add new influences and sounds into our songs. I think after doing some of the rearrangements on [2019 compilation] 'Fresh Produce' we realized we could make a really cool indie pop song without feeling too contrived. I think we’ll definitely continue evolving that sound on future releases."

How does it feel to have Seaway releasing music that looks, sounds and feels like this?
"It’s very exciting! I know it’s cliche but 'Big Vibe' is the record we’ve been working towards our entire careers. I really believe that 'Big Vibe' is Seaway fine tuned."

So without further do, this is 'Wild Things':

'Big Vibe' is scheduled for release on October 16 via Pure Noise Records. 

The artwork looks a little like this:

And the full tracklisting like this:

1. Brain In a Jar
2. Big Vibe
3. Mrs. David
4. Still Blue
5. Wild Things
6. Pathetic
7. Sweet Sugar
8. Peach
9. If You Let Me
10. Wicked
11. Sick Puppy

Here's the title track for ya:

Pre-orders for the record are available from right HERE

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