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PREMIERE: RedHook’s Massive New Single ‘Only Bones’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 5 July 2019 at 18.01

We have a feeling you're gonna like RedHook...

RedHook have barely made it back to their home country of Australia after appearing at Download Festival, but they're not slowing down.

Today, Rock Sound is excited to host the world premiere of their brand new single 'Only Bones', and the official video which was shot on their tour of the UK and Europe only a couple of weeks ago.

If you didn't catch them at Download Festival, this video might just be the next best thing.

"It's been less than a week since we landed bleary-eyed back in Sydney after the experience of a lifetime playing Download Festival and touring across the UK and Europe for the very first time, so to have this beast of a music video chronicling our wild and sweaty cross-country stage adventures to share with you today feels very special," shared RedHook frontwoman Emmy. "Huge love to our boi Dave from Her Name Is Murder Productions for being an A-grade tour buddy and creating this epic visual, which we'll more than likely be watching on repeat as we try to relive all the awesome memories until we get to come back and do it all again (which will hopefully be soon!)."

Speaking of the song itself, Emmy admits: “I scribbled down the lyrics to ‘Only Bones’ when I was feeling helpless and desperately shit. Sitting on platform 22 at Sydney’s Central Station with my mind, body and soul worn down to a nub, I was hit by this delirious vision of the people in my life as vultures swooping in to rip off chunks of flesh until there'd be nothing left."

She continued "'Only Bones' is me venting my frustrations at the bloodsuckers in our lives who don’t care if we're OK or not as long as we give them what they want, but also at myself for being somehow incapable of standing firm and telling them to kindly fuck off.

“It’s for anyone who’s ever felt taken advantage of and wished they could be stronger.”

With all that said - check out the world premiere for RedHook's brand new single and video for 'Only Bones' below:

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