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PREMIERE: RedHook’s Chaotically Carefree Video For Their Track ‘Bad Decisions’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 March 2021 at 09.59

"Sometimes bad decisions really do make good stories"

We are delighted to present the chaotic video for 'Bad Decisions', the new track from RedHook

An anthem for the ages, and the title track of their upcoming debut EP, the trio paint a wonderful picture, via snotty licks and infectious riffs aplenty, of what it's like to be young, free and disenfranchised in the most buoyant and boisterous way. Plus the video just adds to the song's central message. We're all a little bit lost and confused, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun. 

Vocalist Emmy Mack had this to say about why she felt the song was the perfect representation of the band...

"I think Bad Decisions represents the perfect intersection of all RedHook's most defining dualities. It's equal parts aggression and vulnerability, darkness and brightness, heaviness and lightness, pop sensibilities and unpredictable sonic fuckery. There are songs on this EP that stray further towards one end of each of those spectrums or the other, but Bad Decisions is the axis at which they all intersect."

And she had this to add about bringing the video to life...

"We talked about going the other way with the clip and doing something really confronting and shocking, but tbh I don't think that would have done justice to the spirit of the song. Even though the lyrics are fuelled by a lot of genuine self-loathing and regret over doing dumb shit, Bad Decisions really is, at its core, about being able to laugh at yourself and revel in the fact that you're not perfect. So we really wanted to bring out that fun, joyful aspect with the visuals.

Although life did end up imitating art a little bit... The video didn't feel like a particularly good decision when it came to spending hours trying to clean feathers out of that Airbnb bedroom with a broken vacuum or violently scrubbing red paint off my body! I also got my first (and only!) tattoo during filming - 'Bad Decisions' on my ass in the most basic-bitch design ever. I thought it would be the dumbest decision of all time but I'm actually kind of in love with it now!"

And this is what she hopes that people will get from the open and honest approach of the track...

"I was legitimately terrified people would hear the lyrics and think "this chick is proper fucked!" but the fact that people have been relating to it so hard is the most rewarding thing we could possibly ask for. Because when you're balls-deep in depression or a self-destructive spiral, you feel alone and you feel like a freak. And if a song like this can help someone going through that to feel less alone and like less of a freak? That's the best thing we could possibly hope for. We're all beautiful, imperfect weirdos. We all screw up. But we shouldn't let those screw-ups define us. Besides, sometimes bad decisions really do make good stories."

So here we go:

As we said, the song serves as the title track for the band's debut EP which is scheduled for release on April 23. 

To tide you over until then, you can also check out 'Cure 4 Psycho':

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