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PREMIERE: Raiders’ Chaotically Vital New Track ‘Animal’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 31 October 2021 at 14.00

An absolutely monolithic track that you simply need to hear.

Photo: Bethan Miller

We are absolutely delighted to present to you 'Animal', the incredible new track from Raiders.

Picking up where their streak of frantic singles left off last year, the track is a hulking behemoth of emotion and extremity. As chaotic as it is cathartic, it finds the band in furious form with headbang-ready riffs and calloused howls from vocalist Sean Smith who lays out the details of his mental turmoil in the most brutal and blunt way he ever has.

This is what he had to say about the track and its stark themes:

"When we were writing this first batch of songs, I found myself in such a low place. I was just excited to be back in a band and throw myself about for people’s entertainment, but I was in such a miserable spot. People say to write about what you know and at that moment, I was absolutely stinking miserable, and that misery has kept on going up till in this crazy fashion we still find ourselves in. I feel like they all ended up having quite a melancholic vibe to some extent. Like if they aren’t sad they are angry.

"After The Blackout ended, I saw so many people disappear who I thought would have been there all my life. Then as soon as I couldn’t offer them anything anymore, it was mad to see people fall by the wayside. So Raiders became the place for me to vent, and this song in particular is about some of those old relationships falling apart. It’s all so cathartic yet therapeutic, and if it could help somebody else then that’s awesome."

And the video, directed by While She Sleeps' Aaran McKenzie, is an absolute triumph, showing what it is like facing off against yourself on a daily basis, stuck in a cycle of holding your finger on the trigger.

Sean had this to say about it:

"We had the idea a while ago, but it was all about finding the time to actually make it. Because the verses are about one side of my mental health, in me feeling sorry for myself and blaming everyone else, and the chorus is about me admitting that I’m terrible and people should run away from me, that’s where the idea of trying to kill the bad guy came from, who then turns out to be myself all along.It was after we had finished filming that I had the idea to bring it all back round and have the last shot you see then be the first shot that you saw, because all of this is just a mental snowball that’s constantly rolling.

"It was fantastic to work with Aaran, I think he did an amazing job and it was amazing to go up and visit the While She Sleeps headquarters. It was just so nice to see it all come together. I’ve also still got some of the blood on my fucking leather jacket."

Without further ado, here it is:

You can hear the rest of the band's output to this date right HERE

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