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PREMIERE: Memorist’s Beautifully Awe-Inspiring New Track ‘Kijo’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 October 2021 at 18.57

Plus we chat to the band all about their upcoming debut EP.

We are delighted to present 'Kijo', the new track from Memorist.

Serving as the closing track, and one half of the title, of their upcoming debut EP 'Oni // Kijo', the track is both a sprawling epic in its own right but also as a curtain call for the band's first offering. A dense blend of post-metal atmosphere and post-hardcore emotion, the song demonstrates not just Memorist's ambitions but also the ability to capture the human spirit in a truly stunning fashion.

Here it is:

'Oni // Kijo' is set for release on November 12 via Year Of The Rat Records.

You can pre-order it from right HERE

We also chatted to the band all about the EP, the track and the development of the band's style and sound...

If we were to go back to the very inception of the band, what would you say was the main thing you wanted to achieve was? And how has that adapted over time?
Chris [Biddiscombe, Guitarist]: “From a musical perspective, the initial goal was to write music that we enjoyed. That was it. There was no goal to reach anybody or to play loads of tours. We’ve been in bands before, and things have ended up becoming sidelined or changing, and we felt it was important not to let that happen and get a project together that worked. So coming together, we’ve set out to create the sort of music that we knew we would love without worrying too much about what anybody else felt. There was no pressure for once because we weren’t trying too hard to be anything in particular.”

John [Sinfield, Vocalist]: “A thing as well is that I didn’t know any of the other guys when we started three years ago. They approached me asking if I wanted to sing on a project with them and those feelings Chris just explained were the same for me. I had been in bands before, but right at that moment didn’t have a creative outlet anymore. It was nice to have somewhere in which I could write about things without feeling any pressure. I could use the band as an emotional outlet, which music had always been for me. We didn’t expect anything from it, and all of a sudden, it did better than any of us had ever dreamt.

“Lyrically, what I always wanted to do with the band was invite people into my memories and my life experiences. I wanted people to feel like they could share in them. In terms of this new EP, all of those things that we set out to do have expanded and progressed. We now have hugely varied influences, and I’ve been through a lot in the last two years, so we’ve used the band as an outlet for both of those things.”

A lot of that journey must have been learning about each other as people as much as each other as artists. And you can inject the lessons you learn from that into the music you’re producing
John: “There has definitely been a journey of discovery, and we are all way closer now having been through this. We’re quite far removed from each other in terms of location, so the songwriting process has been the part that has solidified the connections that we all feel. The trials and tribulations that come with that and all the technical pieces of making it work has brought us together, and when we’re able to be out on the road again, we’re going to be able to expand on those experiences.”

To go through that learning process in such an extraordinary period within the history of the world is another thing as well…
Chris: “We were able to focus on all of the things that were important to us. We were never forced to change into anything different from what we were already doing. We just continued doing what we had always done.”

Ash [Scott, Guitarist]: “There were, of course, a few spanners thrown in the works, but we still managed to make our way through it.”

So, when you consider what you have ended up building with this EP, what does it mean to you? What do you feel as though it represents?
Chris: “Instrumentally, one of the most important things has always been to make something that makes you feel something. And this time around, we set out to push the textures within that feeling. We wanted to bring in an industrial vibe to have the incredibly human sounds from the vocals, and the guitars and then the electronics would bring in a darker and more twisted vibe. I’m really happy in how it’s turned out in terms of each song standing out in its own right as well as together.”

John: “To me, it’s a calling card. It’s everything that we want to do in a range of strokes. It’s by no means the ceiling in terms of what we want to make, but it consolidates what we have done so far. It shows off what each of our tastes were able to bring to the table. The band has become a big part of my life and has become intrinsic to so many other parts of my life as well.”

In terms of ‘Kijo’, what stands out for you about this track as an individual piece of this puzzle?
Chris: "The EP starts with one of our heaviest songs so far, anger and hatred bursting out of both the music and the lyrics. So with this at the end, this is more on the triumphant side. It’s still sad and bittersweet but details acceptance more than anything. When we set out to write it, we just really wanted to make people feel something whilst not making it too complicated. Creating the tone and the atmosphere felt more important than having anything stand out too much, leaving John the space to say what he needed to say with it.”

John: “Yeah, for me, it was nice to have a blank canvas with this song, whereas a lot of things we had done previously on the EP were a bit more intense. It’s a bittersweet song, very much so. It’s me saying that this is everything that has happened, this is how I have dealt with it, and this is what I’m left with. The song's closing line is me saying that this is where I am and what I have to deal with, and this is how I’m going to approach things as we move forward. In a lot of ways, it serves as the taster for what comes next. It’s the end of this story but the start of the next one. I hope that feeling resonates with those who hear it.”

So what effect has having Memorist be a part of your lives throughout this process had? What does it mean to you to be in this position making your art in this way?
John: “I’m excited. The last six months have been a complete whirlwind. We put together this body of work following insane demand from what we had put out before, and there was real pressure from that. There was pressure to succeed as well as pressure to do the experiences explained in these songs justice. Now that we have completed that, I’m incredibly excited for what all of it means for us as we move forwards. I haven’t felt this positive about music in a very long time.”

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