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PREMIERE: LURK’s Gloriously Hypnotising New Track ‘Bermuda’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 August 2021 at 14.10

Plus we get the lowdown on the band's upcoming debut album 'Around The Sun'.

We are absolutely delighted to today present you 'Bermuda', the new track from LURK.

Taken from their upcoming debut album 'Around The Sun', which is set for release on, it's a curious little track that slowly unfurls before your very eyes, wrapping itself around your ears. Sand-stained riffs, hypnotising drum patterns and a quivering vocal delivery mush together to create a song that's darkly psychedelic whilst also being incredibly immediate. 

To find out how the song came to be, and how it fits in with the rest of the record, we chatted to vocalist Kevin Kiley...

Where did 'Bermuda' come in the construction of 'Around The Sun'? What role does it play within the record?
"I think 'Bermuda' plays the perfect role in the record.  It basically sits in the middle of the record, ending Side A.  When [Guitarist] Kevin Maida brought this song in, we were all very stoked on it but very curious as to how it would fit.  It stands out in the record and is very different from anything we've done.  Accepting that going into the production process really allowed us to get as experimental as we wanted.  The whole thing is soaked in reverb and I actually sang the song through my Moog synthesizer running through a talkbox.  That was probably the most fun part of recording the album for me personally."

Lyrically, what does it represent for you and how does that slot into the other themes you wanted to portray across the record?
"When I was starting to plan out the lyrics for the record, I made it a goal to write a song that was a first-person narration about being lost in an unfamiliar place.  While we were on tour just prior to recording the record, we actually got stuck in the middle of the desert because I needed emergency surgery.  We had to drop a few dates and kind of just roamed around between Arizona and New Mexico for a week.  That experience, while shitty, was very memorable for me and led me to write the lyrics for Bermuda.  The whole thing had me zooming out thinking about life's strange detours like "how the hell did I end up in this casino in the middle of New Mexico on painkillers?"

What were your initial intentions with 'Around The Sun'? How did the process of piecing it together shift those intentions?
"For 'Around The Sun' we had more runtime to really solidify a sound of our own.  We've always pulled from influences and tried new things and did the same here but it all seems to work well as a cohesive unit.  Every song is truly unique and we were conscious to string it together in a way where they complement each other.  A great example is how 'Bermuda' is a sort of a break following a lot of energetic songs, then Side B starts."

What does the record represent for you on an emotional scale?
"I'm very proud of this record.  It really let us express ourselves and do a lot of things musically that we never thought we could do.  The lyrics are a balance between my personal dilemmas and commentary on either political or social issues I feel strongly about.  For better or worse, I'm not one to express myself on the internet much but writing is really where I feel I can comfortably do that."

How does the opportunity to express yourself in such an obtuse and furious way reflect on the other parts of your lives? 
"We all just love playing music so much.  Even when we have nothing coming up, we constantly jam together.  Personally, I think it is very therapeutic.  Some songs can be simply letting out frustration about the police, capitalism, etc. but then sometimes you just want to tell a story, express confusion or play with words.  I feel very thankful to have this band in my life as an outlet to be as creative, expressive or weird as I want to be.  We all consume so much content and deal with so much bullshit now that everyone needs that outlet of their own."

How do you feel Lurk as a band have adapted over the course of the making of this record? How does that prepare you for what's coming next?
"We truly have sunk into our own sound and become comfortable with it.  This record was a huge learning experience for us.  I think it's showed us where we can go, our strengths, what we maybe don't care to do, and overall just given us confidence.  We already have a ton of new music written and I think it's some of the best we've ever created.  I know making and recording this record is to thank for that so this is just the jumping point."

So, here we go then. 'Bermuda', for your listening pleasure:

'Around The Sun' is scheduled for release on September 17 via Pure Noise Records.

It will also feature 'Crack A Smile':


And 'Pressure Points':

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