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PREMIERE: Last Night Saved My Life’s Life-Affirming Video For Their Beautiful Track ‘Buzzing’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 29 July 2021 at 17.55

We also chatted to the band about the track and their next steps.

We're stoked to present the video for 'Buzzing', the beautiful new track from Last Night Saved My Life.

The track itself is a beautifully patient and emotionally rousing slice of pop-rock wonderment that feels as familiar as it does fresh. And when you have such a life-affirming soundtrack, you need a visual to suit it. With the help of some flares and fireworks, the band paint a picture that reminds you to enjoy the little moments that life offers and not let the things that don't matter weigh you down.

We caught up with the band to find out a bit more about where the track came from and how it fits into their upcoming plans:

What does 'Buzzing' mean to you as a track, both lyrically and emotionally?
"'Buzzing' is about knowing that it's time to move on to new things, but wanting to hang on for just a little bit longer to the way things are right now. The verses are sort of anxiety-ridden moments of worry and doubt and then the chorus is a dramatic moment of letting go and just being in the moment. The song basically just looks at life and says, 'Screw it all, none of this matters anyways. Let's just go dance or something'."

What was your thinking when it came to bringing it to life with the video?
"In the video, we tried to showcase the juxtaposition of some days feeling anxious about nearly everything and then other days just enjoying life because nothing is really that big of a deal anyways. We made part of the video into shots of Wilson just doing mundane things (i.e. washing laundry, sadly looking into a fish tank, walking around an arcade melodramatically while other people have fun playing games) and then the other part of the video is an array of fun clips of the band jamming in a parking lot while fireworks blow up around us. Those band shots represent the moments of crawling out of the anxiety and just living life to its fullest."

When did this song come to life? What were your aims with it initially and how did they change as it started to come to life?
"We wrote this song in the spring of 2021 as we were prepping to head back into the studio. The goal was to write something a little bit different than the rest of our discography. Something that would stand out and have a bit more of a pop sound. When we got to the studio, we had a really great time messing around with different sounds and ended up adding things like electronic drums and synth tones that we didn't have in the demo."

Where does this new track fit into your plans with the band as we look towards the future? Is it an indication of what upcoming music may sound like as well?
"We wanted this track to combine our pop-punk roots with some more modern pop production. We have incorporated more of that thinking into our new music, for sure, but we DEFINITELY will still have other tracks that are more classic pop-punk bangers."

How has your relationship with Last Night Saved My Life adapted since the release of 'Cherry'? How has its role in your lives adapted and how has that affected the music that you are producing?
"After 'Cherry' came out, we really started to experience what it was like to be a real band. Playing shows for people who knew our songs, interacting with fans online, making and selling merch. It was a really great period of figuring out how all of that works. Unfortunately, after the album dropped, we really only had about 6 months to play shows before the pandemic hit. Not being able to play shows for so long definitely took its toll on us as a band, but now we're so excited that we're ready to start releasing music and playing shows again. Since we know our listeners so much more closely now, we hope that this next group of songs really resonates with them and brings new people into the LNSML family!"

SO, enough talking. Here we go:

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