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PREMIERE: Kevin Ghost’s New Song + VIdeo, His First New Music In Two Years

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 13 March 2020 at 17.59

"Little did I know we had built this community where our band had almost become their lifestyle" - Kev Ghost

It's been two years since we last heard from Kevin McCullough, better known as Ghost Town's Kevin Ghost. But in that time, he's undergone a lot of personal changes. With a clearer mind and a new surge of inspiration, he's back with a solo project and a new single 'Like I Wanna Die', which we're premiering today!

We caught up with Kev to find out how he came back from the brink and why the future may well look brighter than ever.

So, how have the last two years been?
“The last two years have gone by in the blink of an eye. You know it went by so fast but also so gruelingly slow. I’ve been pretty much finding myself again. I no longer have this huge team around me to where I can just show up. It’s been a weird process of getting used to.”

Well, take us back to 2018 when you released ‘In The Flesh’, the last piece of Ghost Town music you released…
“We put out that EP months later than we wanted to. Then I went on a tour to promote it, which was a great but I was also probably the most depressed I’ve ever been. I was literally by myself. I had no founding band members with me whatsoever. I didn’t even have the tour manager I had always had. Something about it just didn’t feel right. I was still trying to go for it though because there were tons of kids still coming out who were all still super enthusiastic. It still felt like this thing should keep going."

“So then I got off that tour and there was this serious of events, just bad shit, which sent me down this spiral. I think I was sober for three months before that tour. Then, I swear to you, the day that we left for that tour I pounded some vodka straight out the bottle. I knew it was a bad idea but putting everything to together was so much fucking work so I’m just going to do this. That was a bad idea because I was just using it to cope.”

It sounds like you were still on autopilot after doing the same thing for so many years. No-one prepares for what it’s like when the status quo is shifted…
“Yeah to be honest, I was just tired, emotionally and physically. I very much felt like I was going through the motions. The one thing that really gave me energy or inspired me was when I would turn up to a city and there would be a ton of Ghost Town shirts worn by kids who had been queuing for hours. I had gone into it thinking I had already fucked up because it felt like I had lost momentum and that people wouldn’t care anymore. But when you show up to a city you haven’t been to for the best part of two years and see so many kids makes you realise there’s still something there. Little did I know we had built this community where our band had almost become their lifestyle. That shit doesn’t go away easily. I feel like we had always been looked over by a lot of people, but the people who were about it could not be more about it.”

So how has the time away been and how has it led to you writing music again?
“I guess I never really stopped writing. When I was in rehab for a month I wrote a lot of songs, and a lot of those are the songs I’m putting out now. It sucked because I wasn’t allowed to have any electronic devices in there so I had to remember everything. I was pissed off though man. I was pissed off that rehab was what I had to do."

“But yeah, two years ago I was recording emo rap demos and considering whether I should jump on that wave or not. But I feel as though if I released that music back then it would have been swept under the rug and passed under the radar as well. It would have fallen into the noise and that’s everybody’s least favourite thing. I hate putting out stuff that you could slap any name on and it would work. I want to do something that’s actually different and people can’t slap a genre or title on.”

You’re trying to find that thing that made you want to make music in the first place again…
“Exactly. In the last two years while I was trying to find myself again because I felt like I had strayed away, I was finding myself artistically too. That’s a feat of it’s own. It came back around to not trying so hard.”

So what was it about ‘Like I Wanna Die’ that made you want to kick start this new chapter?
“It was the song out of all the songs I have shown to people that they have perked up to the most. I would get the most genuine reactions from friends I could trust, and some fans that I trust, after I’ve asked for their genuine honest opinions. There’s nothing worse than holding onto music for a long time either. You start to second guess yourself and fall down that rabbit hole. That was the beauty of Ghost Town in the beginning, we would write a song, record it and then release it. That was awesome, I never had a moment to second guess myself. Also, with every month or two that goes by y mind and my inspiration is expanding so much that I’ll be a completely different person to the one who wrote a song a couple of months ago.”

So, what’s the plan for the next few months? How does it feel being out there on your own once again?
“You know it’s the exact same thing that we did with Ghost Town and we won people over before signing to a label and getting management. I feel really blessed to have that have been the case for that situation and I feel it’s a really genuine way of going about things now. Obviously doing music for a living can be all over the place and you just roll with the punches.

“I will say this, for the first time in two years I can almost see the future. I have this really clear picture of where I’m going to be and I’m holding on to that as tight as I can. So I’m just working backwards from there. The first thing is that this is a solo project but I know I’m not alone. I still have this incredible fan base around me. Like every time they say ‘You saved my life’ I feel exactly the same way.”

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